1983 Annual cover

Photos, Stories, Jokes and more.

1983 Annual contents

The contents are:
Let's meet the lads - Their story
That's Fete, Bobby! - Story
Whats your favourite? - Their likes and dislikes
Thats a Laugh! - Jokes
Capital Fun - Story
Touch Wood - Cartoon Story
The Battered Ball - Story
Posh Nosh - Cartoon Story
Bobby's Last Fling - Story
Check it out, Lads - Joke
Just Jokin'! - Jokes
It's a record - Making 'Together'
A box office smash! - Story
Puzzle it out - Puzzles
The Firing of Cannon and Ball - Story
This is Your Life - Photos of their TV show
Talking about Cannon and Ball - Information about them
Bobby the Bard - Bobbys poetry


Published by World International Publishing; 1982; ISBN: 7235 6660 7

1983 Annual back cover