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Programme Article

Programme article

Comedy duo Cannon and Ball are well named, because Tommy Cannon provides the fire-power in their act, while Bobby Ball supplies the comedy ammunition. The two-some also have a secret weapon with their catchphrase "Rock on Tommy".

They began as the singing Harper Brothers, but for the last nine years have built up a terrific following in clubs and theatres all over the country as Cannon and Ball. They could be described as the classic partnership, because Ball has a natural flair for comedy, and his spontaneity is spiked by the straight-faced Cannon.

They first met as workmates in a Lancashire factory, and after forming a singing duo found that they had a unique comedy rapport.

Soon they were doing so well in northern clubs that they gave up their day-time jobs, and it wasn't long before their popularity spread to the whole country.

After a long, hard apprenticeship in clubs and theatres, Cannon and Ball are now destined to be dubbed "overnight stars" - an accolade which belies the huge popularity they have built-up as live entertainers.

They have toured Australia and South Africa and their club and theatre dates are frequently booked months in advance.

Tipped as the TV comedy "finds" of the year, both Tommy and Bobby are happily married and live close to each other in Oldham. Their off-stage interests are remarkably similar (both are keep-fit addicts) and so are their ambitions. They want to establish themselves as Britains top comedy duo - something which is now well within their grasp.


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