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DVD release of the Sky TV programme Mount Pleasant. Series 1 released 3rd September 2012.

Series 1

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The laughter, tears and hot-tubs of a thirty-something life in a Northern suburb.

Starring Sally Lindsay and Daniel Ryan with Bobby Ball, Pauline Collins, Angela Griffin, Sian Reeves, Liza Tarbuck and Paula Wilcox.

Lisa (Sally Lindsay) Lisa (Sally Lindsay) has a pretty good life: a ten-year, mostly-happy marriage to plumber Dan, a nice house in suburban Manchester, deliciously batty parents who call in every day to do her housework and a job in a recruitment agency with two gossipy-but-fun friends.

But Lisa's never really happy unless she has something to worry about... Has Dan taken a fancy to their man-eater neighbour Bianca? Is her smock top really being mistaken for a baby bump? And, while she's
wondering just what might happen between her and the sexy and single Jack, she totally misses the fact that Dan is being eyed-up by recently widowed cafe owner Kate...


Written and created by Sarah Hooper
Produced by Siobhan Bachman
Directed by Dewi Humphries and Dominic Leclerc
Executive Producer - Sophie Clarke-Jervoise
Executive Producer (Sky) - Lucy Lumsden