Public Mentions

Bobby Ball statue

Bobby Ball Statue picture

The Bobby Ball statue is located in Lowther Gardens, Lytham. The statue has its own page.


Celebrity Tree Trail

The celebrity tree trail is located in Belfast and consists of 35 plaques where celebrities have planted trees. The Cannon and Ball plaque is located opposite the Belfast Opera House, where they were performing in the 1998 panto when the tree was planted.



Peace and Happiness Garden

The Peace and Happiness garden is located close to St Annes Pier. Within the garden is a memorial statue for Les Dawson, and around the seating area are plaques commemorating famous people from the local area.  

The Ritz, Lincoln

Lincoln Ritz pic

The Ritz is a J. D. Wetherspoon pub in Lincoln, in the building formerly occupied by the Ritz Cinema. During the 1980s the building was also used for live theatre productions and on the walls are photos and tributes to some of the acts who appeared.

Cannon and Ball are listed for their appearance as part of their 1987 spring tour.

Lincoln Ritz pic