Frequent appearances


Look-in coverCannon and Ball featured in Look-In magazine for a number of years. They appeared in their own comic strip in many issues, along with occasional features.
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TV Magazines

TV Times coverWith the duo appearing on TV so often during the 80’s, they were occasionally featured in the TV magazines – mainly the TV Times as they appeared on ITV.
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One-off articles

Film Review

Film Review magazine coverApril 1983
Cover story and articles about The Boys in Blue

Womans Realm

Womans Realm magazine coverDecember 1982.
Article about the duo and their families.

The Knowledge

Womans Realm magazine coverFrom The Times, July 22nd 2006.
Article about double acts

Joy Magazine

Joy magazine coverAssemblies of God monthly magazine
July 2002.

Good News

Good News newspaper coverChristian newspaper article
May 2008.

Juniper Jungle

Juniper Jungle comic.
First issue 1992.

Share It!

Share It coverChurch Army magazine, Summer 1990.
Interview with Bobby about his faith.

My Weekly

My Weekly magazine coverMagazine article, February 20th 1982.


Sunday coverSunday magazine, March 1983.
Article written at the time of the premiere of The Boys in Blue.


Sunday magazine cover, December 1989Sunday magazine, December 1989.
Article about Bobby and childhood Christmases


Sunday coverSunday magazine, November 1992.
Rock on Daddy – article about Tommy and new daughter Kelly-Anne


Eagle comic coverArticles in the comic, April 10th 1982 and April 2nd 1983


Buddy coverArticle in the comic, November 6th 1982.


Observer magazine cover

31st May 1981


4th August 1979
Article about TV series


Titbits cover2nd October 1982
Letters page lookalike


Titbits cover23rd October 1982
Cover story “Why Cannon and Ball refused to quit”


Titbits cover10th December 1983
Article about their rise to fame.


Saturday magazine cover17th August 2013
Whatever happened to… article

Salvation Army

Salvationist magazine coverAppearances in Salvation Army magazines Salvationist and War Cry


Celebs magazine cover25th September 2011
Q&A with Bobby Ball

Womans Weekly

Womans Weekly coverArticle in Womans Weekly dated 25th December 1982

Womans Weekly

Womans Weekly coverPhoto used in a picture quiz, 21st December 1993


Blitz magazine cover

February 1986


Weekend coverMagazine article, 16th Feb 1988

Love Sunday

Bobby Ball interview, 23rd August 2015