Credits and Help


Thanks to:
Louis Robinson – Scriptwriter of Plaza Patrol, for his help on Plaza Patrol and Cannon and Balls Playhouse.
Graeme Edwards – For assorted information, including the ‘Together’ album.
Andy Tucker – For details of the Night out in London video.
Natalie Gaspard – For details of some TV shows, stage shows, and pantomimes.
and of course
Cannon and Ball – For over 3 decades of great comedy.


Can you help with any of the following for this site?

More details or photos of their appearance on This is your Life, or a copy of the show on video.
More details on the Cannon and Ball show. Do you have episodes of the show on video I can borrow?
More details of the game show ‘Cannon and Balls Casino’? Episodes on tape, series details, pictures – anything to add to this site.
Further details of any other records
Other information on pantomimes, summer seasons, stage shows etc.

Or anything else that may be of any use to the site. Suggestions always welcome!

Just email me to tell me about anything.