Main books

'Christianity for beginners' cover
The Gospel according to Cannon and Ball
Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball with Chris Gidney

Tommy and Bobby give thoughts on their Christian faith, snippets from their testimonies and their own humour.

'Rock on, Tommy!' cover
Rock on, Tommy!
Tommy Cannon, Bobby Ball, and Chris Gidney

An autobiography of the duo, telling their whole story: from meeting, through their years of fame, to their conversion to Christianity and onto today.

'My Life' cover
My Life
Bobby Ball, with a foreward by Tommy Cannon

Bobbys autobiography, telling the story of his early life, his partnership with Tommy, and his conversion to Christianity.

'My Life Revisited' cover
My Life Revisited
Bobby Ball

An updated version of Bobbys autobiography.

'Cannon and Ball Annual 1983' cover
The Cannon and Ball Annual 1983
Glynis Langley and Norman Leaver

Photos, Stories, Jokes and more.

'Christianity for beginners' cover
Christianity for Beginners
Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball

The duo explain the basics of Christianity, and why it is so important to them

'Juniper Jungle' cover
Juniper Jungle Series
By Bobby Ball

Series of childrens books, written by Bobby.
The books led to a TV series and a video.

'In conversation' cover
Pam Rhodes in Conversation with Cannon and Ball
Audio book featuring Pam Rhodes.

Mentions in other books

'Billy' cover
Pamela Stevenson

Briefly mentioned in the Epilogue, which says that Eric Clapton has a signed photo of Bobby Ball on his fridge.

'Childlines' cover
Edited by Peter Langridge

The famous reveal their childhood dreams. Short paragraphs by an assortment of starts, saying what their childhood dreams were.

'Into the Limelight' cover
In the Limelight
Chris Gidney

‘Stage and TV people who face the most exciting challenge of all’, has features on showbusiness personalities who have become Christians.

TV Laughtermakers cover
TV Laughtermakers
Anthony Davis

Profiles of TV Comedians.

'Encyclopedia of Classic Saturday Night TV' cover
The Encyclopedia of Classic Saturday Night TV
Jack Kibble-White and Steve Williams

A reference guide for Saturday night TV shows through the ages. Includes features on the Cannon and Ball show and Bruce Forsyth’s Big Night