Juniper Jungle TV


Juniper Jungle was a series of childrens cartoons based on a set of books by Bobby Ball. Thirteen shows were produced.

The Shows

The Great Bun Bank Robbery – Miserable Mattress dons the disguise of Erasmus J. Elephant, president of the Bunminster Bank, and tries to make off with the assets of Gervaise the Giraffe.

The Great Car Race – Miserable Mattress tries to get a head start in the Great Car Race by switching the road signs, sending all the other competitors off in the wring directions.

Happy Ever After – Vera and Victor Vulture are getting married, so Veras former sweetheart, Miserable Mattress, is extra-miserable.

Surfs Up – The Juniper villagers turn Buttercup lake into a leisure pool.

Nasty Dancing – The Beanlanders are due to give a display of maypole dancing at the Juniper village carnival. The Nasties kidnap them and turn up in their place.

Stink Bombs Away – After finding an old aeroplane the nasties bombard Juniper village with stink bombs.

Daylight Robbery – It looks as if Toby the Turtle has become a bank robber, until the villagers discover that he has been under the hypnotic influence of Miserable Mattress.

Snow Business – The Nasties kidnap Sunday Reindeer which means that Father Christmas won’t be able to deliver any Christmas presents.

Spring Into Action – Miserable Mattress catches a cold. Doctor Octopus offers him a dose of his famous honey and lemon mixture.

Up In Smoke – Victor Vulture advertises for assistant firemen and gets a pair of parrots not dissimilar to Maurice and Menacing Mynah.

Fifi Comes To Town – Piff Paff falls head over heels when Fifi le Canard, a stylish duck, comes to open Cafe Canard.

Dive, Dive, Dive! – Using Scruffys home-made submarine, the Nasties kidnap Fifi, Vera and Nurse Hippo during a swimming lesson from Jock the Croc.

Still Evil After All These Years – When Miserable Mattress invites the whole village to a party in swampland, he seems to be a reformed character.

Series Dates

The shows were first shown on TV in 1992/3. Episode 8 (Snow Business) was shown on 25th December 1992, with the other episodes shown in order from January 8th 1993.

The series was also shown from October to December 1998 and March to July 1999.

Other formats

Branded Jigsaw

Pilot Episode

A pilot episode ‘Trevor the Tiger Loses His Stripes’ was apparently also produced. To my knowledge this has never been broadcast.