Juniper Jungle Books

Juniper Jungle coverPiff Paff the Puffin coverTobys new home cover

A series of children’s books written by Bobby Ball.

The rear of the books list twelve different titles, but it appear that only three were actually published.

Juniper Jungle Story – Juniper Jungle Publishers; ISBN: 1871450004
Piff Paff the Puffin – Juniper Jungle Publishers; ISBN: 1871450055
Toby’s New Home – Juniper Jungle Publishers; ISBN: 1871450101
Jock The Crock
Mervin The Monkey
The Lord Mayor’s Party
The Great Bun Robbery
The Wedding (Vera and Victor the Vultures Get Married)
Juniper Jungle meets The Reindeer
Juniper Jungle’s Sports Day
Christmas in Juniper Jungle

The adventures of a group of characters who live in Juniper Jungle. Key characters are shown below.

Juniper Jungle Characters 1 Juniper Jungle Characters 2 Juniper Jungle Characters 3 Juniper Jungle Characters 4

The ‘baddies’ in the jungle live in Swampland. They are Menacing Myna, Fearsome Fluff, Terrible Tyre and Miserable Mattress

Juniper Jungle Characters 5

In the first book, Juniper Jungle Story, Vera the Vulture goes to school on a Saturday. Toby Turtle is kidnapped by the nasties and the ransom demand is jam donuts. They lay a trail of cakes and donuts to the jail, and the nasties follow it and end up locking themselves up. Toby escaped but feels sick because he ate some of the trail of cakes as well.

Stories in all three books are presented as a picture opposite a page of text.