This page includes details of Cannon and Balls DVD and video releases. Some of these videos are now unavailable new, but are often found second hand on ebay.

TV/Film DVD releases

First series cover

The Complete First Series

DVD of their original TV series, first aired in 1979. Released August 2010.

Second series cover

The Complete Second Series

DVD of the 1980 TV series and Christmas special. Released June 2011

Third series cover

The Complete Third Series

DVD of their 1981 TV series. Released October 2011.

Fourth series cover

The Complete Fourth Series

DVD of the 1982 TV series. Released March 2012

Fifth series cover

The Complete Fifth Series

DVD of their 1983 TV series. Released July 2012.

Sixth series cover

The Complete Sixth Series

DVD of their 1984 TV series. Released February 2013

Seventh series cover

The Complete Seventh Series

DVD of their 1986 TV series. Released May 2013.

Boys in Blue cover

The Boys in Blue

The video of their comedy film. Released on video in 1983 and DVD in 2004.

Wheeltappers cover

The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club Series 1

DVD of the 1974 series which gave Cannon and Ball their first TV appearance. DVD released September 2009.

Wheeltappers cover

The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club Series 5

DVD of the 1976 series which featured Cannon and Ball as Club Mirror award winners. DVD released April 2012.

Wheeltappers cover

The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club Series 6

DVD of the 1977 series with a full episode featuring Cannon and Ball. DVD released July 2013.

'25 years of comedy' cover

Cannon and Ball celebrate 25 years of comedy

A compilation video from the TV shows over the years. Released 1991.

'Juniper Jungle' cover

Juniper Jungle

Three of the shows from the TV series.
Code PV2063.

'Comedy Classics of the 70s' cover

Comedy Classics of the 70’s

Includes a TV sketch from the start of Cannon and Balls career. Released 1991.

The Fattest Man in Britain

TV drama starring Bobby Ball as the ‘agent’ to the fattest man in Britain. Released on DVD 2009.

Mount Pleasant DVD

Mount Pleasant

DVD release of the Sky comedy drama. Released Sept 2012

'Noels Golden Gotchas' cover

Noels Golden Gotchas

Noel Edmonds favourite ‘gotchas’ from his House Party TV series.

Standalone DVDs


Cannon and Ball Live – Legends of Comedy

Released in November 2005. Filmed during the Funny Guys show at the Blackpool Grand.

Blackpool cover

Cannon and Ball Live in Blackpool

Video/DVD show of their 2002 summer season at Blackpool Grand Theatre.

Funny Guys Part 1 cover

Funny Guys Part 1

DVD produced in 2005 at the time of the Funny Guys stage show. Features Cannon and Ball along with Harper, Barricade and Little Albert in a variety of sketches.

'Night out in London' cover

A night out in London with Cannon and Ball

A live show at the Dominion Theatre in London. Released 1983

'Cannon and Ball Gospel Show' cover

The Cannon and Ball Gospel Show

Highlights from Cannon and Balls gospel show, which toured the country in Spring 1995.

Evening with cover

An Evening with Bobby Ball

Video of Bobby’s gospel presentation, recorded at the Kings Church Newport. Released 2001.

An Evening with Bobby Ball

Newer version of Bobby’s gospel presentation on DVD, also recorded at the Kings Church Newport.

Evening with cover

An Evening with Bobby Ball and friends

Earlier video of Bobby’s gospel presentation, recorded in Edmonton

'Cannon and Ball Gospel Show' cover

Best of British Variety Tour 2008

DVD of the first Best of British Variety tour, Summer 2008.

Other appearances

'The Laughter Makers' cover

The Laughter Makers

A video of a live stage show starring Christian Comedians. Featured with Cannon and Ball are Jimmy Crickett and Syd Little.

'It's a Boy' cover

It’s a Boy

Cannon and Ball provided voices for two of the quails in this Christmas cartoon


The Magic of Tommy Cooper

Subtitled ‘A tribute to a comic genius’ this video contains a clip of Cannon and Ball paying their tribute to Tommy Cooper.

Best of British Classic Comedy cover

The Best of British Classic Comedy

Benson and Hedges complimentary video, with clips of various comedians.

'Grumbleweeds Forever?' cover

The Grumbleweeds forever?

A Grumbleweeds comedy video starring Bobby Ball

Mr H is late Cover

Mr H is Late

The silent TV special Mr H is Late has appeared on a selection of videos

They Tell Their Story DVD cover

They Tell Their Story No. 3

Christian testimony DVD