The Complete Seventh Series

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Release 20th May 2013 by Network DVD.  Contains the 1985 Christmas special, plus all episodes from their 1986 TV series


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Special: Christmas Cannon and Ball
Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball host a Christmas special, with guests including Hi de Hi star Ruth Madoc and actor/singer Paul Nicholas.
Original ITV Transmission 21 December 1985

Show One
The lads recount their experiences while staying in a luxury London apartment during the making of their series; their special guest is Michael Aspel.
Original ITV Transmission 26 April 1986

Show Two
A quiet Sunday’s Scrabble match is interrupted by the arrival of Britain’s happiest married couple.
Original ITV Transmission 3 May 1986

Show Three
Tommy and Bobby discover what friendship is all about when a drunken Bobby wakes up with a severe hangover.
Original ITV Transmission 10 May 1986

Show Four
Can Bobby keep his temper for a whole day? Tommy bets he can’t. But so he can be sure of winning, Bobby plans a few surprises, including a visit to a Japanese restaurant.
Original ITV Transmission 17 May 1986

Show Five
Bobby’s untidiness becomes such an irritation for Tommy that the boys’ friendship is put to the test.
Original ITV Transmission 24 May 1986

Show Six
When Tommy catches a cold he thinks he has a deadly virus – and so does Bobby when he mishears the doctor’s report on his pal. But is Bobby’s concern quite as genuine as it seems?
Original ITV Transmission 31 May 1986



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“Rock On Tommy!”

Years on the Northern cabaret circuit enabled Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball to hone their act for this ratings-winning show, making the comedians household names and beloved by millions. A mixture of sketches, spectacular variety entertainment and a wealth of big-name guest stars ensured this massively popular series ran for many years.

Enjoy more good-natured comedy capers in this seventh series, which also includes the lads’ 1985 Christmas Special, featuring guests Ruth Madoc and Paul Nicholas.

Featuring: Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball

Written by: Sid Green, Bryan Blackburn, Geoff Atkinson, David McKellar, Colin Bostock-Smith, Ann Rushton and Jeff Lister

Associated Producers: Sid Green and Bryan Blackburn

Produced and Directed by: Marcus Plantin