The Boys In Blue

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The video was released in 1983, on Rank video. The DVD was released on 4th October 2004, by Granada Ventures.

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Sergeant Cannon and PC Ball run the police station in the quiet town of Little Botham. When the station is threatened with closure due to lack of crime by the Chief Constable (Eric Sykes), they decide to invent some crimes to justify their existence. When they try to steal a painting from a local rich businessman (Roy Kinnear), they accidentally stumble across a gang of real art thieves who have just stolen £1 million worth of paintings. It is up to the two bungling cops to stop them escaping with their haul. 

Will the Boys in Blue prove their worth, or will they expose their lack of it?

Starring: Tommy Cannon, Bobby Ball, Suzanne Danielle, Roy Kinnear, Eric Sykes.
Writing Credits: Sid Colin, Sidney Gilliat, Sidney Green and Val Guest
Producer: Greg Smith
Director: Val Guest



VHS release

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Video backFor ten years Sergeant Tommy Cannon and Constable Bobby Ball have been reaping the benefits of private enterprise in the sleeping village of Dorminster.

Crime never even existed until the county’s Chief Constable, Eric Sykes, is driven by a herd of cows to close the local Nick.

To save the station, and their jobs, our intrepid boys in blue embark on a devilish plan to commit a crime, which they can then be seen to solve.

Unfortunately a gang of real villains have the same idea and what follows can only be described as outrageous.


Overseas Release

Tommy und Bobby cover

Tommy und Bobby coverThe DVD was released in Germany as “Tom und Bobby in Aktion”. The film is dubbed into German.



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