The Cannon and Ball Show – Series 1


Episode 1

Aired Saturday 28th July 1979, 8pm
With guest stars Liza Goddard and Michael Robbins.

Opening stand-up routine Titles
Sketch in a police station, with guest Michael Robbins Titles Titles
Worm charming Titles
Sketch with guest Liza Goddard Titles Titles
Final song – Chanson D’Amour Titles



Episode 2

Sat 4th August 1979, 8pm
With guest stars Maureen Lipman and Sydney Tafler.

Opening stand-up routine – Bobby recites the alphabet Titles
Sketch with guest Sydney Tafler. Tommy wants to go solo as Bobby isn’t funny any more. Titles Titles
Tommy’s best gags Titles
Sketch with Maureen Lipman as an Agony Aunt giving relationship advice. Titles Titles
Final song – Blue Moon Titles


Episode 3

Sat 26th October 1979, 8:30pm.
With guest star Ernest Clark

This episode was shown nearly three months after the previous one due to a strike by ITV technicians.

Opening stand-up routine – Bobby shows his Origami skills Titles
Sketch in a bar, where they try to impress two posh ladies. Titles Titles
Tommy tries to sort out Bobbys dress sense Titles
Sketch with Ernest Clark of “Doctor in the House”. Tommy is in hospital, Bobby pretends to be a doctor to visit him. Titles Titles
Final song – Only You Titles


Episode 4

Sat 2nd November 1979, 8:30pm
With guest star June Whitfield

Opening routine – Bobby talks to his buttonnhole Titles
Follow up to the previous episodes’ sketch in a bar, with the same ladies. Titles Titles
Bobby has apparently swallowed a musical instrument Titles
Sketch with June Whitfield as a hotel manager, where Tommy and Bobby are trying to settle their bill. Titles Titles
Final song – Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream) Titles

Episode 5

Sat 9th November 1979, 8:30pm
With guest star Hugh Paddick

Opening routine – Bobby and his new library book Titles
A visit to the dentist Titles Titles
Bobby was brought up as a Jack Russell Titles

Sketch with Hugh Paddick, where Tommy and Bobby are telephone installation engineers.

Titles Titles
Final song – Zing went the Strings of my Heart, Titles

Episode 6

Sat 16th November 1979, 8:30pm.
With guest stars Bernard Kay and Irene Handl.

Opening routine – Bobby’s bottle has gone Titles

Bernard Kay is an estate agent, showing the round a damp and cold flat.

This sketch was released on the Comedy Classics of the 1970s DVD

Titles Titles
Bobby apologises Titles
Irene Handl is the neighbour who pops round for a visit. Titles Titles
Final song – Laugh me a Laugh Titles

Closing titles Closing titles


DVD release

DVD coverThe full series was released on DVD in August 2010