The Cannon and Ball Gospel Show

Video cover

Released 1995 by Shepherd Television Productions


Video cover

In the spring of 1995 top comedy duo Cannon and Ball launched a national tour with a difference. Mixing the very best of family entertainment with their stories of how their newly-found Christian faith has changed them, Tommy and Bobby completed a punishing 27-date tour to capacity audiences throughout the UK. Tommy and Bobby’s special guests include the top club act Perfect Match with the showstopping numbers ‘Via Dolla Rosa’ and ‘Your Love’. TV escapologist Steve Legg keeps audiences spellbound as he attempts to beat Houdini’s world record for the fastest straightjacket escape, and vocalist Danny Owen renders his stunning versions of ‘The Power of Love’ and ‘Till You Came into My Life’.

The superb sound of The Mike Ryal Band backs the whole event.

Live show produced by Connections Personal ManagementVideo produced by Shepherd Television Productions



Highlights from Cannon and Balls gospel show which took place in Spring 1995. It features Cannon and Ball, singer Danny Owen, escapologist Steve Legg and singing duo Perfect Match. The video was filmed in Southampton.

Tour Details

Precise dates and locations unknown – included Farnborough, Southampton and Huddersfield.

Bobby and Tommy while giving their testimonies.

Steve Legg

Video contents

  • Danny Owen sings ‘The Power Of Love’ and ‘Till You Came Into My Life’
  • Cannon and Ball appear and do their comedy routine and some songs. Interspersed with the first part of their routine is segments of Bobby’s testimony. He then sings ‘Thankyou Lord’
  • They sing their rock and roll medley. Interspersed with this are segments of Tommys testimony. Tommy then sings ‘Wind beneath my Wings’.
  • Perfect Match come on and sing three songs
  • Steve Legg does his escapology act
  • There is a bit more of Bobbys testimony.
  • The whole cast sing ‘The Greatest Love’.

Danny Owen and Perfect Match

The cast singing ‘The Greatest Love Of All’ at the end of the show.