Funny Guys Part 1

Funny Guys cover

DVD produced in 2005 at the time of the Funny Guys stage show. Features Cannon and Ball along with Harper, Barricade and Little Albert in a variety of sketches.


Funny Guys

Three double acts and a vertically challenged man named Little Albert decided they wanted to work together and that is how Funny Guys began. From very humble beginnings Funny Guys have gone on to a very successful live tour and a DVD.

The performers in Funny Guys are Rob Harper and Darren Harper who together are a double act that is gaining a strong reputation and have fans all over the U.K.. They have worked with Joe Longthorne, Peter Kay and countless other stars.

There is Craig Cousar and Jonathan Richards who together are Barricade. They have performed all over the world including the famous Las Vegas.

There is Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball who together make Cannon and Ball. They have been major stars for a quarter of a century. They have broken box office records at every major theatre in the country as well as starring in their own television series lasting over twelve years.

Last, but by no means least is Little Albert who has appeared in many major movies including Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He has worked with all major stars and he says “being in Funny Guys is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

So from all the Funny Guys we would like to say “put the kettle on, get a cup of tea, put your feet up and have a laugh with us.”



Funny guys picture
Funny guys picture
Funny guys picture

The DVD contains a number of short sketches:

Too much non-visual comedy
Tommy Cannon – do you recognise me
Tommy tries to order breakfast
Funny Guys news
‘If you want anything’ restaurant
Do you recognise me
Man with no arms in pub
What do you call a man with a seagull on his head
Funny Guys news – mosquito escape
Given up drinking
Do you recognise me?
Lap dancing
Funny Guys news – floods
Do you recognise me?
Man with no arms darts
Funny Guys news – strong winds
Tommy singing
Can’t get a drink
Do you recognise me?
Closing bench

Funny guys picture
Funny guys picture
Funny guys picture



Funny Guys would like to thank the Hastings Club, Lytham and Halfway Restaurant and Bar, Manchester

Special guests The Grumbleweeds

Production Assistants: Pamela Carruthers, Michael Hizer, Sonia Chadwick, Christian O’Sullivan

OB Catering: Yvonne Harper

Sound: Joyce Hinkson, Simon Cox

Music: Rick Coates

VT Editing and Graphics: Peter Hinkson

Writers: Bobby Ball, Keith Chadwick

Additional Material: Tommy Cannon, Geoff Lister

Producer: Tony Chadwick

Executive producerS: Keith Chadwick, Tommy Cannon, Bobby Ball

Director of photography: Peter Hinkson

Sketches Can’t Get a Drink and Stopped Drinking directed by Maurice Thorogood

Directed by Bobby Ball