The Complete Fourth Series

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Release 12th March 2012 by Network DVD.  Contains all episodes from their 1982 TV series

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Cannon and Ball at Drury Lane
Comedy special from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane featuring Cannon and Ball and their guests Jack Jones, international illusionist Zee and Co, the Brian Rogers’ Dancers and Alyn Ainsworth and His Orchestra.
Staged by David Bell.
Directed by Alasdair Macmillan
Original ITV Transmission 2 January 1982

Show One
Featuring global singing star Iris Williams, as well as snooker champion Steve Davis.
Original ITV Transmission 8 May 1982

Show Two
Featuring the 1970s’ Prince of Pop, David Essex.
Original ITV Transmission 15 May 1982

Show Three
Featuring comedy legend and veteran entertainer Bruce Forsyth.
Original ITV Transmission 22 May 1982

Show Four
A sharp-suited Adam Ant performs his number one solo hit “Goody Two Shoes”… and manages to humiliate Bobby and Tommy in the process.
Original ITV Transmission 29 May 1982

Show Five
Featuring the multi-talented Frankie Laine, and Tommy and Bobby’s lovely Boys in Blue co-star Suzannne Danielle.
Original ITV Transmission 5 June 1982

Show Six
Featuring perennial pop favorite Leo Sayer.
Original ITV Transmission 12 June 1982



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“Rock On Tommy!”

Massively successful comedians Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball return in this hilarious fourth series. Years on the Northern cabaret circuit enabled them to hone their act for this ratings-winning show, making them household names and beloved by millions. A mixture of sketches, spectacular variety entertainment and a wealth of big-name guest stars ensured this highly popular series ran for many years.

Enjoy more good-natured comedy capers with the dynamic double act, whose guests for this series include David Essex, Bruce Forsyth, Steve Davis, Frankie Laine, Leo Sayer and Adam Ant.

Featuring: Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball

Written and produced by: Sid Green

Executive producer: David Bell

Directed by: Alasdair Macmillan