The Cannon and Ball Show – Series 3

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Episode 1

Aired Saturday 25th April 1981, 7:35pm With guests Jeep, Dai Francis and John Boulter.

Opening stand-up routine – Tommy is menacing Bobby

Jeep – Moonlight Serenade Titles

Sketch with Dai Francis and John Boulter, of The Black and White Minstrel Show.

Bobby wishes to sing Blueberry Hill, with Tommy and guests providing backing.

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Ventriloquism sketch Titles Titles



Episode 2

Aired Saturday 2nd May 1981, 7:35pm With guests Anne Murray and Ritz

Opening stand-up routine – Bobby’s plant, Elsie

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Ritz – America Titles 

Tommy wants to sing a Caribbean themed song, but Bobby wants to be involved too.

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Pub sketch, someone keeps drinking Bobbys pint. Titles Titles

Final stand-up saying goodbye




Episode 3

Aired Saturday 9th May 1981, 7:35pm. With guest Anne Murray.

Opening stand-up routine – Bobby has found an advert Tommy has placed for a new partner

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Anne Murray – Where Do You Go When You Dream? Titles

The duo are running a Wild West saloon

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Tommy sings Help Me Make It Through The Night, accompanied by Bobby on the piano

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Episode 4

Aired Saturday 16th May 1981, 7:35pm With guests Lulu and Cornsilk

Opening stand-up routine – Tommy is talking while someone is getting undressed behind the screen

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Lulu – Good Enough for Me Titles

Sketch with Lulu, singing gospel

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Barber shop sketch, where the barbers are a quartet.

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Final stand-up




Episode 5

Aired Saturday 23th May 1981, 7:35pm With guest Alan Price.

Opening stand-up – Tommy hasn’t learnt the sketch,

Alan Price – Love Is A Miracle


Tap dancing sketch, with Alan Price

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Sketch at the psychiatrist

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Farewells, with the psychiatrist




Episode 6

Aired Saturday 30th May 1981, 7:35pm

Opening stand-up routine – Tommy was planning to sing a romantic song, but the lady hasn’t turned up. So he asks to sing it to Bobby.

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Performance of Let Your Braces Dangle Titles Titles

A dramatic reading – “What is Man?”






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DVD release

DVD cover
The full series was released on DVD in October 2011