Noel’s Golden Gotchas

'Noels Golden Gotchas' cover 

VHS video released 1996 by VCI Ltd (code VC6575)

Cannon and Ball were ‘Gotcha-d’ by Noel Edmonds on his TV house party. They were fooled into thinking they were making a promotional video for the British tomato growers association, advertising British tomatoes to the Italians.


'Noels Golden Gotchas' back

Over the last nine years the GOTCHA has become one of the most popular slots on my Saturday Night House Party and over 100 celebrities have now fallen victim to the infamous golden statue.  In this specially compiled video I have selected four of what I think are the funniest and most popular Gotcha awards.  All of them prove how our victims (er, sorry, clients) share our sense of fun and laughter – after all, that’s what it’s all about!  I’ve also chosen two Gotchas. featuring Malandra Burrows and Sean Burrows, which will NEVER, EVER be shown on television.

I really do hope you enjoy this wonderful Gotcha Collection.  Happy viewing!


CANNON & BALL…..are dispatched to Rome in one of the most elaborate Gotchas ever staged and end up with tomatoes on their faces.

DAVE LEE TRAVIS…..has his live radio pub quiz hijacked in one of the most popular and frequently requested Gotchas.

MALANDRA BURROWS…..risks eviction by the bailiffs whilst recording the questions and sound effects for a children’s quiz.

SEAN BLOWERS… left stranded at a petrol station with only a pair of singing pensioners and fake policemen for company.

BRIAN CONLEY…..spends an afternoon in a leaky boat in pursuit of nonexistent fish.

DALE WINTON…..test drives a new car, attends a wedding and ends up in a sidecar driven by a motorcycling Bishop.



'Noels Gotchas' cover

'Noels Gotchas' back

This gotcha is also on the video ‘Noel’s Gotchas’, released 1993 by BBC Enterprises (code BBCV4899)

The Gotcha is now without doubt one of the most coveted showbiz awards. We only target those professionals who we admire and are known to have a robust sense of humour! Only two stars have ‘sussed us’ and believe it or not, once the shock has subsided, all of them say ‘thank you’!

So my sincere thanks to every member of television’s most exclusive club – The Gotcha Stars.

Running time 64 mins approx
Produced and directed by Michael Leggo
Video Presentation by Ross McGinley



Dressed as tomatoes during the gotcha
Dressed as tomatoes during the gotcha, with a third tomato (Noel Edmonds) in the scene as well.
Noel presenting the gotcha to Tommy
Noel presenting the gotcha to Tommy.

The video also includes gotchas of Dave Lee Travis, Malandra Burrows, Sean Blowers, Brian Conley and Dale Winton.