They Tell Their Story no. 3


Christian DVD featuring testimonies. Unknown date and publisher. 

Cannon and Ball

During the early 1980s at the height of their fame Bobby knew something was missing, and began to feel empty inside. He had started to drink heavily, was womanizing and getting into fights. “I was not a nice man to be with, in fact I felt dirty and knew I needed forgiveness”. Incredibly Bobby and Tommy didn’t talk to each other for years while doing their act. See what brought them together. 

Jay Fallon

Brought up in Glasgow by his mum; Jay felt inferior with no sense of purpose or goals. Got involved in drink and drugs, and eventually in despair he tried to commit suicide. Filled with anger, bitterness, guilt and regrets, Jay was transformed by the love of God. 

Dougie March

Brought up in Byker in the East End of Newcastle, Dougie became involved in violence from an early age. Fighting in the school yard developed into gang fights and running battles at football matches. Soon in prison for five charges of assault this angry young man began searching for truth. Listen as Dougie tells his story of transformation.