Cannon and Ball Celebrate 25 years of Comedy

25 years video cover

Released 1991 by Video Collection International Ltd. Code VC6163

Video back

To celebrate twenty-five years in show business we have decided to compile a video of some of our favourite moments from our television shows.

We hope you will enjoy watching them just as much as we enjoyed making them.


The video features ten sketches from their TV series over the years.

Picture Tommy sings while Bobby accompanies him on the piano.
Tommy is reciting poetry Picture
Picture They are attempting to produce a puppet show. However, Bobby keeps messing about
Tommy performs his magic tricks while Bobby is his less than glamorous, and less than intelligent, assistant Picture
Picture Dressed as Roman soldiers.
Singing, with Iris Williams. They keep pulling each other off the wall they are sitting on to sing. Picture
Picture Invisible snooker, with special guest Steve Davis
Guest Leo Sayer pretends to be Bobby Picture
Picture Singing and dancing together. Tommy is waltzing, while Bobby prefers disco.
Singing ‘The Greatest Love’ together Picture