Mr. H Is Late


Shown on ITV, 15th February 1988

Starred as a driver (Bobby) and his mate (Tommy).
An undertaker is in charge of moving a coffin from a home to a church. The home is on the 26th floor of a skyscraper; the stairs are narrow; the lift is small and prone to stop working. Chaos ensues.

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John Alderton Vicar
Bobby Ball Driver’s mate
Tommy Cannon Driver
Norman Collier Short-sighted man
Charlie Drake Short delivery man
Gabrielle Drake Miss H
Jimmy Edwards Traffic warden
Linda Hayden Sunbather
James Hunt (II) Trucker
Roy Kinnear Piper
Rula Lenska Bride
Kenny Lynch Bus conductor
Henry McGee Tall undertaker
Spike Milligan Roadsweeper
Noel Murphy Tall delivery man
Richard O’Sullivan (I) Breakfasting neighbour
Terry Scott (I) Hearse driver
Paul Shane Fat neighbour
Kathy Staff Mrs H
Freddie Starr Short undertaker
Eric Sykes Senior undertaker
Sylvia Syms Lady with poodle
Bob Todd (II) Elderly undertaker
Dennis Waterman Groom
Eli Woods Dozy undertaker
Mike Yarwood Lift engineer

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Writer Eric Sykes
Producer Dennis Kirkland
Music Alan Braden
Editor John Wright (II)
Production Designer Graham Probst
Production Company Thames Television

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Video/DVD release

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The programme has appeared on a number of compilation videos and DVDs