The Gospel According to Cannon and Ball

The Gospel According To... Cover

Published in September 2007, Tommy and Bobby give assorted thoughts on their Christian faith, snippets from their testimonies and their own humour.

More than forty years after their legendary partnership was formed, the comic duo Cannon and Ball are hailed by many as the kings of live comedy entertainment, giving hundreds of sell-out performances every year. Especially popular are their Gospel Shows, where they easily mix their unique brand of humour with the deep Christian faith that each has found in a way that makes belief in God exciting and relevant for today.

In The Gospel According to Cannon and Ball they share their innermost thoughts on such vital subjects as worry, diets, chocolate, having it all, losing it all, whether prayer is like texting, the hazards of life on the road, the crazy ideas about Christianity they constantly come across and the patience that God must need to cope with it all.

To make you laugh and perhaps to make you think, here is an entertaining and inspiring mix of the best of family humour, true stories, and thought provoking reflections.