2003 Gospel Cruise

2003 Gospel cruise leaflet

A 14-day cruise, departing November 19th 2003, and travelling around the Mediterranean.

“Prepare to be whisked off to a sunnier side of the world as you embark on one of the most spacious cruise ships afloat direct from Southampton. In addition to the usual excellent on-board entertainment aboard Saga Rose, our time at sea will be filled with the very best mixture of celebrity chat shows, Gospel concerts, quiz shows and special events. Bible studies, worship and quiet times will be led by our special guest speakers and musicians. Alternatively, you may wish to relax on deck, soaking up the glorious sun.”

Special guests on the cruise were Pam Rhodes, Syd Little, Wendy Craig, Tommy Cannon and Cindy Kent. The host was Christians in Entertainment founder Chris Gidney.

2003 gospel cruise leaflet


2003 gospel cruise leaflet

A 9-day cruise, departing 24th April 2003. The cruise visited the Bible lands.

Guests included Cannon and Ball, Wendy Craig, Jimmy Cricket, Pam Rhodes, Syd Little, Kathy Staff and Frank Williams. Noel Tredinnick was the Cruise�s Director of Music, Chris Gidney was the host.

Publicity material read:

Combining fun and faith, the entertainers will provide star-studded entertainment whilst at sea, but when at Port will join several hundred other modern day pilgrims visiting Thessaloniki, Phillipi, Ephesus and other New Testament areas of interest.

`I�m really excited about walking in Paul�s footsteps, ` explains Bobby Ball. `I�m told you can actually see the grooves in the streets where the chariots ran! It�s certainly going to bring so many Bible passages to life, and hopefully bring me even closer to God as a result.`

Syd Little, one half of comedy duo Little and Large said `We want everybody on board to quickly relax and enjoy all the top-class entertainment we have on offer. Most of us have been in the business for a long time, but we�ve never had the opportunity to work together like this before so we�re all really looking forward to having lots of fun.`

One of the highlights of the Cruise will be an open-air floodlit service in Ephesus hosted by Songs of Praise presenter, Pam Rhodes. An Anglican Bishop, a Baptist minister and Professor of New Testament studies will be on hand to make sure that the spiritual side of the trip will be most rewarding.