All Star Mr and Mrs

Bobby and Yvonne appeared on this ITV1 show, 27th February 2010.

Hosted by Philip Schofield and Fern Britton. Also appearing were John and Denise Higgins, and Jenni Falconer and James Midgley.

In the first section Bobby is asked questions while Yvonne can’t hear. Then Yvonne is asked the same questions:

Q: Bobby, you had your first kiss with Yvonne nearly 38 years ago. But what would she say was the most memorable part of that first kiss?
Was it that she stooped down to give it to you?
Was is that she thought you kissed like a baby?
Or was it because you left her with a little black moustache?

B: There’s two of them questions, it could be both of them.
Kiss like a baby – because I did – and the other one was I left a mark on her mouth because I used to mascara my moustache in. I left a mark on her face.

Q: You do have a famous catchphrase, don’t you? Bearing that in mind, what would Yvonne say would be a more apt catchphrase these days?
Would it be That dog stinks Vonny?
Or would it be Telly’s rubbish, Vonny?
Or would it be Egg and Chips Vonny?

B: I’m going for Tellys rubbish

Q: You’re 5 foot 4 and Vonny is 5 foot 8. So what would you say is the best thing about having a wife who is taller than you?

B: Her legs.  She’s got fantastic legs.

Yvonnes replies
1. He kissed me and there was mascara all over my face. And he couldn’t kiss either. I’d say kiss like a baby.
2. Egg and chips, Vonny
3. Cleaning windows

In the second round both are asked questions and have to show a coloured paddle to indicate their answer. Matching paddles gets a point.

Q: Who’s the tightest with money?
Yvonne – Pink
Bobby – Blue

Q: Who is the biggest tease?
Yvonne – Blue
Bobby – Pink

Q: Who has the smelliest feet?
Yvonne – Blue
Bobby – Blue

Q: Who has the most stamina?
Yvonne – Blue
Bobby – Pink

Q: Who’s most likely to pick up the doggy-do?
Yvonne – Blue
Bobby – Blue

Q: Who is the sexiest?
Yvonne – Pink
Bobby – Blue