Celebrity Antiques Road Trip


Cannon and Ball appeared in Celebrity Antiques Road Trip series 5 episode 4, first shown on BBC 2, Friday 20th November 2015


The episode starts with an introduction to the duo, and them meeting up with their assigned experts – Tommy is paired with James Braxton and Bobby with Paul Laidlaw

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They then set off antique hunting, and visit antique shops in York, Barnby Moor, Pately Bridge and Richmond..

Among their more unusual finds, Bobby purchases a three-headed duck, and Tommy buys a brick with a dogs paw-print in it. Tommy also finds a wrestling poster with their photo on it.

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There are also detours to local points of interest. Bobby visits the York medical society to find out about Tempest Anderson, a volcano hunter/photographer, while Tommy visits Swinton Park near Ripon to learn about the Druids Temple built there.

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Finally they attend the auction in Harrogate

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Bobby’s buys were:

Ladels set: Cost £10 sold £45
Oil lamp: Cost £60 sold £95
Coffee set: Cost £20 sold £22.50
Glove box: Cost £140 sold £55
Three-headed duck: Cost £150 sold £30          

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Meanwhile Tommy’s buys were:

Teapot: Cost £55 sold £15
Beatles plate:  Cost £12 sold £15
Brick: Cost £13 sold £36
Perfume bottle: Cost £30 sold £27.50
Jade boat: Cost £140 sold £80

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Overall, after fees, of their £400 start budget Bobby had £173.75, whilst Tommy had £292.27 so was declared the winner. 

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