Pantomime – Crewe 2020

Crewe 2020 Panto Flyer

Sleeping Beauty at the Crewe Lyceum Theatre, where Cannon and Ball were due to star as the Court Jesters. Due to Covid the pantomime was cancelled and rescheduled for 2021, with Cannon and Ball still starring. However due to Bobbys death in October 2020 the pantomime will go ahead without them.

Banner advert for 2020 Pantomime

Once upon a time in a land far away, the beautiful Princess Aurora is given a sixteenth birthday present by her evil godmother Carabosse. By pricking her finger on an enchanted spinning wheel she is placed under a cruel curse and forced to sleep for 100 years. Can true love survive and the handsome Prince Charming break the spell? Can Aurora’s hilarious best friend Muddles help save the town and who will outwit the evil Enchantress and foil her wicked plans? 

Planned dates, times and prices

Friday 11th Dec, 7pm
Saturday 12th Dec, 2pm and 7pm
Sunday 13th Dec, 1pm and 5pm
Tuesday 15th Dec, 10:30am and 2pm
Wednesday 16th Dec, 10:30am and 2pm
Thursday 17th Dec, 10:30am and 2pm
Saturday 19th Dec, 2pm and 7pm
Sunday 20th Dec, 1pm and 5pm
Monday 21st Dec, 1pm and 5pm
Tuesday 22nd Dec, 1pm and 5pm
  Wednesday 23rd Dec, 1pm and 5pm
Thursday 24th Dec, 1pm and 5pm
Saturday 26th Dec, 2pm and 6pm
Sunday 27th Dec, 2pm and 6pm
Monday 28th Dec, 2pm and 6pm
Tuesday 29th Dec, 2pm and 6pm
Wednesday 30th Dec, 2pm and 6pm
Thursday 31st Dec, 1pm and 5pm
Saturday 2nd Jan, 2pm and 6pm
Sunday 3rd Jan, 2pm and 6pm

Pricing: All shows Stalls and Circle £27.75, Gallery £23.75, with £2 discount for concessions. Group discounts and family tickets available on some performances. 

2021 flyer
Early flyer for rescheduled 2021 pantomime