Cannon and Ball have appeared individually in three episodes of Heatbeat. In each case they have been part of the more light-hearted storyline that runs as an adjunct to the main story.

Bad Company

Series 15 episode 24, first aired 2nd July 2006

PC Geoff Younger witnesses a hit and run where the prime suspect is Alan Seddon, whose father is a councillor sitting the police committee.

Bobby plays Topsy Turner, a local window cleaner who offers David a job. However on starting work David finds he is scared of heights and gets stuck up the ladder.



Blood Brothers

Series 15 episode 9, first aired 20th November 2005

A young child Martin runs away from home and ends up abducted by a stranger.

Bobby reprises his role as Topsy Turner, but gets bitten by a dog when cleaning windows at Ashfordly Hall. He insists that the dog is a danger to the public and should be put down, so Aunt Peggy offers dog training lessons.



Mixed Messages

Series 17 episode 23, first aired 21st September 2008

After an unexpected death there is suspicion over the family doctor.

Tommy plays Paul Piper, who is owed money by Aunt Peggy so dumps rubbish in her yard. She thinks it was from local magistrate Mr Carruthers, and risks arrest by dumping it on his lawn. Eventually the truth comes out and Peggy ends up paying her bills.