Look-In Magazine, 26th March 1983

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Look-in picture

Cop This! Cannon and Ball stand by for comic duty

Cannon and Ball have been feeling pretty blue lately. But don’t worry, Tommy and Bobby aren’t down in the dumps. In fact, the boys have been having a whole load of laughs with their Cannon and Ball Special which you can see next week (Saturday 8:10pm) and making their very first feature film, The Boys In Blue, a crazy comedy with a policeman plot, which is released this week.

“Cannon and Ball play two crazy constables who run a remote village police station in a way rather removed from the normal routine,” producer Greg Smith told us. “When they fall foul of their local chief they decide they must get back into his good books at all costs. Naturally, things don’t work out quite the way they planned…”

Suzanne Danielle, pictured here with the lads, becomes very much a part of the plot. She plays Kim, girlfriend of the film’s Lord of the Manor, Roy Kinnear, and she helps the boys recover their reputation.

Greg says of the dynamic duo: “They were just great to work with. There can’t be many people who’d arrive on a film set at seven in the morning and have all the film crew in fits of laughter in minutes.”

And dressed in their uniforms, the boys proved a useful asset when crowds gathered to watch filming in London’s busy West End. “Sometimes people wouldn’t recognise them dressed as policemen, and they proved dab hands at dispersing the crowds on several occasions!”


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Bobby takes up boxing.

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