Loose Women August 2010

Cannon and Ball appeared together on 3rd August 2010 to talk about the DVD release of their first series and their current summer season.

Also on the show was Adam Ricketts. The panel were Kate Thornton, Carol McGiffin, Lisa Maxwell and Sherrie Hewson.

Kate: Now as we get ready for our summer break, today’s final guests are packing for another reason. They’re about to take to the road, touring with their trademark brand of summer season stand up. And if you can’t get to see them on stage in the next few weeks, then Britain’s longest running comedy act are also releasing their first ever TV series on DVD. Here’s a quick glimpse at why the nation still loves them 30 years on.

(Clips from TV show)

Kate: Please welcome Cannon and Ball

Tommy: Thank you

Bobby: Thank you

Bobby: Hey, come on. Here we are, back again, it’s lovely.

Tommy: It’s lovely, lovely, isn’t it to be back

Kate: The first series out on DVD. What kind of memories does that bring back? Because that’s quite a few years back now.

Bobby: Well, he can’t remember it, because his mind’s gone.

Tommy: I couldn’t remember anything about it to be honest with you.

Kate: Could you now?

Tommy: No, no. 31 years ago, that is

Sherrie: Oh my goodness

Bobby: It really is 31 years ago.

Tommy: So it’s hard to sort of remember who was actually on the show, so.

Bobby: It was fantastic. (To Sherrie) You were a dancer then weren’t you

Sherrie: I was not.

Tommy: You were

Sherrie: I was not!

Bobby: I knew that, dancer. And may I say this. You’re looking fantastic. I find it very attractive

Tommy: Stop it, man, the missus.

Bobby: Sorry, Yvonne. I’m just kidding. But yes, it was great that series, it was fantastic. Our first one, yeah.

Tommy: Very first one, yeah.

Carol: Have you watched it

Bobby: No, we haven’t seen it

Tommy: We don’t know what’s on anything, no.

Bobby: Not yet.

Sherrie: Have you never seen it?

Tommy: No, I don’t know whether we ever did it,

Carol: Do you know it’s you?

Tommy: I don’t know whether it’s us!

Kate: He can’t remember.

Bobby: No, it’s released on the 23rd, but we haven’t had a copy yet, but it should be good because it were good.

Kate: And as well as the DVD, you’re also back out on the road, and we were chatting earlier today, and you said, you know, really for the last 30 years haven’t been off the road. Does it… what makes you still wanna get out there and work? I mean you’re 72 now.

Tommy: Money

Bobby: Well, if we don’t. If we don’t want the road, it means me spending more time with Yvonne… I’m just kidding. It’s a joke Yvonne.

Tommy: You won’t think so when you get home.

Bobby: Anyway, no, the reason we’ve done it is we’ve always been a working at me and Tom, we’ve always done it all our life. So why stop now?

Carol: Have you ever had a break from each other, ever?

Tommy: No

Bobby: No we haven’t, never. 47 years together.

Tommy: 47 years this year. 47 years.

Sherrie: You have done, you know, separate things. You’ve done,acting things as well, haven’t you? So you have done bits and bobs.

Tommy: Bits and bobs of stuff, yeah, yeah.

Bobby: Acting yes, I’ve been a bit of an actor.

Sherrie: You have, a fantastic actor

Bobby: Yes, yes.

Loose Women screenshot

Sherrie: But the thing is, when you go on tour, how do you keep it, erm

Tommy: Fresh

Sherrie: Yes

Bobby: How do I keep it up? You’ve always got a one sided mind. One sided mind you have.

Sherrie: I was looking for the word, you know what I mean

Bobby: What we’re doing now is, we’re on tour. You’ll love this. You should come and see us, actually.

Tommy: But we’re not letting you come free.

Bobby: What we’re doing is it’s called Rock with Laughter. Cannon and Ball meet the Blues brothers. Listen to this. It’s an 11 piece band, 2 girl singers, Jake and Elwood, me and Tommy and one show, and at the end, me and Tommy do 20 minutes rocking and have all the audience dancing.

Tommy: Yeah. Yeah, we have a jam, we have a jam at the end. It’s brilliant.

Lisa: So are you singing

Tommy: Yes we’re singing

Kate: So what’s your favourite song then boys. Have you got a summer anthem?

Tommy: What have we got, a summer anthem?

Bobby: I’ve got one called, nobody will know who recorded this, but I do. What are you looking at me like that for Sherrie?

Carol: She wants you

Kate: Bobby. Bobby. It’s been a while. You’re re-awakening her.

Bobby: Has it, Sherrie? Don’t worry, I’ll sort you out tonight, don’t worry.

Tommy: And you’re asking us how we keep it up

Bobby: She didn’t say that.

Tommy: She did

Bobby: Anyway, here’s this song. Here’s this song, Yvonne, Yvonne. She means nothing to me. Nothing. She means nothing to me.

Carol: What’s this song? I bet we know it. Go on. What is it?

Sherrie: What’s the song?

Bobby: Here comes summer  (they sing along)

Tommy: That’s the one.

Bobby: Who recorded it?

Kate: Who did record it?

Bobby: A fellow called Jerry Keller.

Tommy: Yeah

Bobby: That meant nothing so lets just move on, move on.

Carol: Tommy, your summer sound.

Tommy: (Sings) We’re all going on a Summer Holiday

Lisa: Cliff Richard

Tommy: Yeah, of course it. It’s summer and it was Cliff, was summer. Yeah.

Lisa: (To Sherrie) Cliff’s your cousin, is that right

Sherrie: Yeah, Clif Richard is my mother’s cousins husband’s cousin’s cousin. We’re very close.

Bobby: I’ll tell you what it is. Sherrie, Sherrie, I’ve gone right off you… I’m onto you now Carol.

Carol: You’re too young for me, darling

And come to me, darling.

Lisa: Have you made any sacrifices for Yvonne, and for your missus?

Tommy: Oh for Hazel. I’ve give up golf.

Kate: Oh, why? Why did she want you to give it up?

Tommy: She didn’t want me to. I didn’t want to go and leave my beautiful wife… at home…

Kate: That’s not true, is it? Why, why did she make you give up?

Bobby: No, I have to tell you this. I have to tell you this. Amongst men. Amongst men that is called being sick. I’ve give up for my wife… I’ve give my life up. Yeah. I have no life.

Various: Have you?

Bobby: Yeah, I’ve no life now.

Tommy: It’s all gone

Lisa: (To Bobby) I bet you’re a right softy, I bet you cry at soppy films.

Sherrie: He cries at anything

Tommy: You’ve got it wrong. You’ve got it wrong. He’s granite.

Lisa : Really? What about you then?

Tommy: Oh, I’m a nightmare. I went and saw Toy Story three. I cried at the end.

Lisa: Told you.

Bobby: He’s a wuss.

Carol: Have you seen it? You’ve seen it. And you cried.

Bobby: He’s a wuss. I must admit I did cry at one film ever in my life.

Tommy: What were it

Bobby: The Terminator. It touched me when he collapsed at the end.

Kate: You know what. It is a pleasure, isn’t it, having them back on our screen

Bobby: Thank you

Tommy: Thank you for having us on

Kate: No, seriously, you’ve lit up the screen today and you’ve put a little twinkle back in Sherrie’s eye, Bobby Ball.

Bobby: But I’m telling you, you’re out of it. She’s in.

Tommy: Don’t worry, you’re in my life, baby.

Bobby: Thank you.

Tommy: Ta ra