Oldham Athletic

Boys In Blue cover

Cannon and Ball recorded a version of The Boys In Blue with the Oldham Athletic squad prior to their 1990 League Cup final appearance at Wembley. Further details are on the music page.


BBC news, 9th September 2003

ArticleOldham Athletic’s financial plight has wiped the smile off comic Tommy Cannon’s face.

Tommy is one half of the Cannon and Ball comedy duo, who hail from the town.

The straight man to Bobby Ball’s brace-twanging antics was born at the Boundary Park Hospital next to the Latics’ ground.

But after the highs of being among the first clubs in the Premiership and reaching the FA Cup semi-finals, the club has hit the lows of administration and fears over their future.

Tommy told BBC Five Live he is desperately hoping Oldham can emerge from the gloom.

“Nine times out of ten, something happens where it’s sorted out,” he said.

“Hopefully, that’s what is going to happen with Oldham – fingers crossed and everything crossed that happens. What a shame it would be if Oldham no longer had a football club.”

Tommy laughed off suggestions the club went into freefall soon after adopting as a theme tune The Boys in Blue from Cannon and Ball’s film of the same name.

Maybe, they could re-release the track to raise money for the club’s fighting fund. Then again…