Pam Rhodes in Conversation with Cannon and Ball

Pam Rhodes in Conversation with Cannon and Ball cover

Audio book, Pam Rhodes interviews the duo

Published by Fusion/ICC recordings, 1995

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Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball are one of Britain’s funniest and most successful double acts. In a career spanning over twenty-five years they have achieved a string of honours that puts them among the all-time greats of showbusiness.

On television they have starred in several of their own series, but remain the undisputed Kings of Live Entertainment, setting records that will probably never be equalled. In 1981 they played a six-week season at the Dominion Theatre in London when every seat was sold before the show opened. Their pantomime ‘Babes in the Wood’ broke all box office records at the world famous London Palladium, where Cannon and Ball created the record for the largest box office amount taken in one week in British theatre history.

Bobby and Tommy are both committed Christians and enjoy using their unique cosmic talents to show that God’s love and forgiveness is real ond available to everyone. In Spring 1995 they embarked on one of the biggest British Gospel Shows ever produced, taking them to touring venues across the UK.

Pam Rhodes

Pam Rhodes has been a television presenter for twenty years, working on a wide variety of programmes, from live news to motoring magazines!

Nowadays though, she is best known as the main presenter of BBC Television’s ‘Songs of Praise’, a series held in great affection, as the only Christian programme remaining on peak time television in this country. Pam has made her mark as a sensitive and probing interviewer, encouraging Christians in all walks of life to share their faith in an inspiring, and often very moving way.

Pam has also presented several of her own series on BBC 1, like ‘Village Praise’, ‘Summer Praise’, and the morning series on the benefits of counselling, ‘Help Yourself. Pam also steps in regularly to present ‘Good Morning Sunday’ on Radio 2.



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