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Some of the past comments received about the page have included:

From: Chris Morris

It’s great to see Tommy and Bobby being recognised as two of the best comins I’ve seen in my lifetime. I’ll keep coming back to this site for more…keep it up!

From: Jim Biscuits

I have been looking for pictures of Cannon and Ball for ages. Now I have found them. Lovely

From: Phillip Steege

I am an American and the U.S. Navy stationed me in Scotland from 1979 – 1981.  My wife and I used to watch the BBC and fell in love with Cannon and Ball and really missed them when we returned to the USA.
I just found your website.  It is so nice to see them again.

From: Sue Dalby

I’m desperate to watch all the old Cannon and Ball Shows but can’t find them on video anywhere.  Originally I had recorded them off the telly but was burgled some years ago and they were stolen. I love
Cannon and Ball, I think they are hilarious.

From: Sharon Doherty

Please can you tell me where I can get hold of a copy of the video “Cannon and Ball Celebrate 25 years of comedy”.  I live in the Blackpool area, if you know of anywhere nearby.  I really wanted a copy of
the Christmas Special they had on ITV, which I have never seen repeated, but was one of the funniest shows me and my family have ever seen – the invisible snooker table and the Three Cabaleros were excellent.

From: Andy

I am a really big fan of Cannon and Ball, when I was younger I even got the braces that said Rock on Tommy down them and a Cannon and Ball scarf which I have still got.

From: Louis Robinson

I applaud your website and wish it all the success. As time passes the sometimes upfashionable team will be seen for the great stars they are.

From: Stuart E Munro

I have only just found this page, but already I can tell that it is very dedicated to the comedy genius that is Cannon And Ball. I have been a dedicated fan for years, longer than I can remember! I had my house
decorated with pictures of the duo recently, as well as putting in an application to change my name to Stuart Cannon-Ball. I hope to see the pair of comedy loons when they visit the Winter Gardens in Bournemouth. Unfortunately, my friend Clive does’nt appreciate the wit of C and B, so I will have to go alone. Are there any new TV series in the pipeline? Thanks….Rock On!!!!

From: Dave Lambert

The boys in blue is my all time fav film, the last sequence on the bus is hilarious, I have never seen a better comedy moment in the history of British cinema .

From: Sarah Firth

Hey there… I have been a fan of Bobby Ball for a number of years now..I am now 26 year old and still love watching him when they appear on T.V. I will never forget meeting him at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford, West Yorkshire at the stage door… Tommy had stormed off into the car that was waiting totally ignoring the waiting crowd but not Bobby! He said hi, gave me an autograph and had a giggle with my parents about me going home for milk and cookies before bed. I think your page is great…. thanks for
making me smile.

From: Carrie Holmes

I love Cannon and Ball. Just as I was watching one of their videos “Celebrate 25 Years of Comedy” and wondered whether or not there would be a website, and I am so glad to find that there is. I have been
a fan of Cannon and Ball for as long as I can remember. The first time I saw them in a show was when I went to see them in the Pantomime “Babe’s in the wood” at the London Palladium, it was about ten years ago, and I remember going on about going to see them in the pantomime, because I kept seeing it advertised on posters in the train stations. Then one evening my mum said we’re going to see the Christmas lights so I thought okay. Walking down Oxford Street we suddenly turned round the corner
outside the London Palladium, but I just thought my parents were showing me where the Palladium was until my mum says”come on lets go inside” and I still didn’t realise and thinking were we allowed to considering we weren’t going to see the show. It wasn’t until I sat down in the sits and the show started that I was actually realised I was here to see the pantomime and I don’t think I have ever been surprised like that before and even again.

I am so glad that there are people who share my interests and I look forward to seeing more of the website in the future. I will keep looking for dates for when they will be performing as I would love to go and see them again.

From: Colin Fuller

Greetings from Perth, Western Australia. I was very interested in your web page, rock on tommy, I have been trying for years to get hold of their books and video’s, they are impossible to get hold of in OZ.
I am very interested in their conversion to Christianity as I was born again myself in 1984, and now Pastor a church here in Perth.

Thanks so much, from an ex Bradfordian.

From: Gavin

I have seen Cannon and Ball live many times and spoke to them after they took part in a Donkey Derby in Great Yarmouth in the 80`s. I was pretty young then but I always loved their shows. I got recently a second hand video of a perfromance they did live in London. Do you know where I can get videos of their TV shows?

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