Pointless Celebrities

Tommy and Bobby appeared on a celebrity edition of the TV quiz show which aired on 23rd November 2019. 

The presenters were Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman. Other guest pairs were Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Gloria Hunniford and Angela Rippon, and Radzi Chinyanganya and Lindsey Russell.

Cannon and Ball were the first pair to go out, after scoring 162 in the first round which was about UK TV Sitcoms. 

Within the show there was reference to a previous appearance by the duo, when they scored 600 points in the first round. In addition Lee Mack has spoken of appearing on the show with Bobby. Do you have details of these episodes? Please email me if so.

Alexander: And a very warm welcome to Pointless Celebrities. This is the quiz where all the questions have been asked to 100 people before the show. All the contestants have to do is come up with the answers those 100 people couldn’t think of. 

First question

Alexander: Now, Tommy, welcome back. Now tell me about the Wheeltappers and Shunters

Tommy: Wheeltappers and Shunters was a TV programme set in a actual, well it was a TV studio, but it was made out to be a working men’s club.

Alexander: Was that where you started out? Was that your first gig, or had you been?

Tommy: Well, it’s one of our very first TV gigs. But no, we didn’t start out there. We started out in pubs, then working men’s clubs and then pretend working men’s clubs.

Bobby: We started out as a trio

Tommy: Yeah, we started as a trio, the Stan Moore’s trio. That’s what we started out as, doing weddings

Alexander: Now. Tommy, what are you gonna go for on our board here, a board of comedy characters .

Tommy: Rodney, Del Boy. Only Fools and Horses.

Alexander: Only Fools and Horses, says Tommy. Let’s see how many of our 100 people said Only Fools and Horses… 83 Only Fools and Horses. Good answer though.

Richard: Yeah. Got over 24 million for one of its Christmas specials. Only Fools and Horses. I’m surprised that doesn’t score a little bit more. 

Second question

Alexander: Now then, Bobby. Welcome back. I want to know all about the Last Laugh in Vegas.

Bobby: It was fantastic, they took us over there. We all lived together in one house. And it was fantastic. We had a great time. The audiences loved it. And what can I say? It was fantastic. We loved it.

Alexander: So what is it? The set you did, was it lots of new stuff or was it lots of old stuff or a mixture of bits and pieces.

Bobby: It was, I can’t explain, just, it were a one off for me and Tom. But we’ve done Vegas before, oh yeah, done all over the world… But it was fantastic, we loved every minute of it. They should do it again with some other people.

Alexander: Wonderful. Now, Bobby. There you are, you’re on 83. Sixty or less gets you into the next round.

Bobby: I’m not being funny, but you haven’t asked me many questions, as many as these.

Alexander: Listen, I am as well aware as anyone that you’ve got a train to catch and I know you…

Bobby: Alright, I’ll give you me answer.

Alexander: Are you doing a gig tonight? 

Bobby: No, I’m only kidding. I’m only kidding. Tommy’s doing one.

Alexander:  But do you? Do you still gig together? Do you still do that? 

Bobby: Yeah, cause Tommy. Yeah. We never stopped me and him.

Tommy: We never stopped.

Alexander: OK, now, Bobby, there we go. Here’s your board.

Bobby: Captain Mainwaring, Private Pike and that chief, it’s Dad’s Army.

Alexander: I wondered where that suddenly came from, then, Bobby. There you are. There’s your red line and you get below that with Dad’s Army, you are through to round two. Let’s see how many of our 100 people said Dad’s Army… It’s right… 79 from Dad’s Army takes your total up to 162.

Bobby: I don’t believe that.

Richard: Yeah, Dad’s Army. Very well done. Lasted longer than the Second World War. Dad’s Army. But the good news is that it’s over 450 points better than you did last time you got together so. Which is a new record. No one’s ever done that.

Bobby: Why you like this? Why you like this?

Tommy: Why are you pulling us to pieces?

Richard: No, I want you to stay for longer so I’m just chatting to you, that’s all. But you’re gonna have to go and that’s a shame for everybody. But look, two correct answers there.

Alexander: I know

Bobby: I’ll tell you what though, guys, you’ve made me and Tommy feel very welcome.

Gloria: I love you, Bobby.

Bobby: I love you too, Gloria. And you.

Tommy: Yeah, we do.

Bobby: I think you look fantastic.

Kiri: Mate I’m waiting here

Bobby: I’m talking here, hang on

Tommy: We’re talking to women here.

Bobby: You look like a hanging basket.

Angela: Do I?

Bobby: Absolutely beautiful

Tommy: Beautiful, darling.

Bobby: Sorry about that guys.

Alexander: Well, we are the end of our first round and I’m sorry to say the pair who are heading home, with a high score of 162, Tommy and Bobby.

Bobby: You realise I’ve got to go home now to my wife.

Alexander: Please come back and play as many times as you like. Bobby. Tommy. Always a treat. Thank you.

Bobby and Tommy: Thank you.