Richard and Judy 2006

Richard and Judy screenshot

Appeared 29th July 2006, giving a report on the Mighty Oak Climbing Company in Cornwall. They spend the night in hammocks suspended from a giant oak tree.

Judy: It’s got to be Britain’s most unusual B&B. It’s a collection of hammocks swinging 50 feet in the tree. tops above a quiet part of the Cornish countryside. The mighty oak tree climbing company is run by Bethany and Alan Stock and they serve you alfresco dinner at tree stump level and then you hoist yourself up on block and tackle to spend the night in one of their tree boats, lulled to sleep by the soft whispering of leaves and the gentle swishing of branches. Now anyone who saw Cannon and Ball in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here trying to pull themselves up a gorge will understand why we had to get them to try it.

Tommy: You know that Richard and Judy and they said come to Cornwall for a holiday.

Bobby: I like them two

Tommy: I thought we were staying at their house.

Bobby: (points up tree) That’s where we’re staying

Tommy: Yeah, 50 feet up.

Tommy: So what’s the idea behind this tall tree B&B?

Bethany: Well, it’s just a chance for people to sleep in a tree, which they’ve probably never done before.

Bobby: Is this your tree or do you rent the tree? I don’t, it’s really fascinating with this. Because you look a bit weird to me…

Alan: Yeah, we rent the tree.

Bobby: And then you put these hammocks up there and yeah.

Tommy: Why do you encourage adults to climb trees

Bethany: Something that you might have done as a kid and so you can have that joy and thrill of being up in the tree once again as adults.

Bobby: So it’s very, very safe. I think it’s a fantastic idea.

Tommy: Yeah. Well, hey, let’s do it.

(Alan leads them in star jumps)

Bobby: I’m not doing that. That’s ridiculous.

Alan: We need to stretch our muscles before we climb so we don’t pull any muscles.

Bobby: I didn’t do this in the jungle. I didn’t do this in the jungle.

Tommy: Whatever happened to Cannon and Ball.

(They dress in the harnesses and safety equipment)

Tommy: Pretty cool, eh? Come on.

Bobby: And the helmet. Yeah, in the house. Look at that.

(They climb the tree)

Tommy: I’m struggling.

Bobby: How you doing?

Tommy: I’m absolutely shattered…

Bobby: I am too

Tommy: …and I’m not even halfway up

Bobby: Stop filming it you prat

Tommy: Bloody hell

Bobby: How do you get in there, Tom?

Tommy: Look how far up we are. 50 feet up.

Bobby: Don’t say that, my bottle’s gone

Tommy: It’s fantastic though, isn’t it?

Bobby: I’ve hurt me bottom coming up here.


Bobby: I’m sure there’s something in this hammock

Tommy: Why? It’s you.

Bobby: There’s summat moving.

Tommy: Is it a squirrel after its nuts?

Bobby: Just cross your legs and zip your up, it’ll be alright.

Tommy: Thanks very much. Night night.

Bobby: Goodnight. I were proud of you today.

Night time scene

Bobby: It’s very, very late. I think it’s middle of the night. I’ve been tossing and turning. And all I can hear is Tommy snore. Listen, can you hear him? That’s what I’ve heard all piggin’ night. It’s doing my head in. (Shouts) Shut up. Night. See you. See you.


Bobby: What time is it? What time?

Tommy: It’s quarter to five

Bobby: Quarter to five?

Tommy: Yeah, well, what’s wrong I have.

Bobby: Have another hour.

Tommy: We’re up at six, remember.

Bobby: Go to sleep.

Tommy: Alright. See you later then.

(6am, climbing down)

Tommy: We’ve done it, Bob.

Bobby: We have, Tom

Tommy: Where are you, mate?

Bobby: I’m coming.

Tommy: Hey, come on. We’ve done it. This has been fantastic, what an experience.

Bobby: I’ve done it and it’s been fantastic, but I’m I can’t see me coming back.

Tommy: He’s never made a breakfast yet. He’s not an outdoors man, you see?

Richard: They’ve been lost without each other, wouldn’t they?