Rock On Tommy album

Rock on Tommy picture

Track Listing

Side 1:
Together We’ll Be O.K.
House Scene
Pub Scene
Car Scene
Police Scene
Studio Reception
Studio Scene
Olivers Army

Side 2:
Coward Of The County
He Aint Heavy, He’s My Brother
Rock On Tommy (I’m So In Love With You)
Me And My Shadow 

Pictures from the back of the album sleeve.

Rock on Tommy picture Rock on Tommy picture Rock on Tommy picture Rock on Tommy picture

Together We’ll Be OK

Laugh me a laugh, grin me a grin,
And then I know that we can win,
Dance me a dance, joke me a joke,
And blow the clouds away.

You gotta play me a tune, sing me a song,
And we can help push life along,
Just you and me, come on and see,
Together we’ll be O.K.

Open the door, open your heart,
And then we got somewhere to start,
Just turn around, look what we’ve found,
Todays a brand new day.

You gotta run with me now, I’ll show you how,
The world is waiting, take a bow,
Show them its you, what you can do,
Together we two can win.

‘Rock on Tommy’, dance to a tune that this guitar sings,
‘Rock on Tommy’, come on and spread your wings (Spread your wings).

Follow me through, into the sun,
And we can smile at everyone,
Join in with me, then we are free,
It isn’t hard to do.

Life is a song, so just sing along,
And then we know we can’t go wrong,
Just you and me, come on and see,
Together we’ll be O.K,
Together we’ll be O.K,
Together we’ll be O.K.

House Scene

Rock on Tommy picture

Tommy: Try and forget it
Bobby: What d’ya mean Tommy, it were great, it’s our own show. We’re stars now, y’know Tommy. You should be happy, I don’t know whats wrong wi’you.
T: Whats wrong? Don’t you know pal? Can’t you see it?
B: Theres nothing wrong Tommy, we were great us Tommy
T: You just cant see it can you, eh. Just look at you
B: What do you mean by that, excuse me?
T: Well, for a start, why do you insist on wearing those ridiculous clothes? Ever since I’ve known you, I’ve never seen you in anything that fits.
B: Everybody can’t be smooth and suffocated like you can they Tommy?
T: You mean sophisticated not suffocated. You can’t even get that right. Just look at the suit. I mean, where did you get it from?
B: Theres nothing wrong with the suit Tommy. It might be on the big side but its the smallest I could get. I can’t help being small you know, you can hurt me at times.
T: OK Bob, but surely when you go on TV you could smarten yourself up
B: What d’ya mean
T: Well, get yourself a decent suit. At least where the trousers fitted. Then you wouldn’t have to wear those ridiculous braces
B: I like braces me Tommy. You’re not with it you Tommy, I’m punk. Anyway, you might not like the braces I wear, but explain this Tommy. What about all them millions of people watch our show, and if there were anything wrong wi’ me they wouldn’t watch would they Tommy. They’d rather see me standing there than see you looking like JR from that Dallas
T: Well they’d rather see me looking like JR than you looking like Jon Boy from the Waltons. Anyhow, how do you know theres millions of people watch the show. You only think they did.
B: Don’t be silly, I know they did.
T: Well how then?
B: Because on the other side’s Mastermind and nobody watches Mastermind do they Tommy. Thats for them brainy inflectuals. You must think I’m daft you Tommy.
T: But Bobby, thats a very popular programme. Everybodys not like you
B: What do you mean
T: Just because you can’t hardly read and write.
B: Well?
T: And you still read childrens comics. You think that Lorraine Chase is a genius.
B: She is
T: Masterminds watched by millions of ordinary people. In fact, its one of my favourite people.
B: He Hee, you little liar Tommy. You’ve always fancied yourself havent you. Just because you moved into the C Stream at school. You always thought you were a cut above me didn’t you. Anyway, I’ll prove to you Tommy how popular we are. Lets me and you go to the pub now for a drink and I’ll show you. And you wait and see Tommy, they’ll come running to me for my autograph
T: OK then smartie, come on, come on then
(Footsteps and door closes)

Pub Scene

Rock on Tommy picture

Tommy: Now whaddaya want to drink Bobby
Bobby: I think I’ll have a Tomato juice Tommy
T: He Hee, thats typical, a Tomato juice. On the rocks?
B: Can’t I have it in me glass?
T: Oh shut up and don’t be stupid. Erm, pint of bitter please and a tomato juice barman.
B: Tommy, you’re right you know. Theres nobody spotted us has there. I thought they would have done you know, Tommy, we’re stars now. Perhaps they don’t recognise me without my braces.
T: No, dont be daft. I mean, you’ve got your braces on.
B: I know, but they’re under me pullover
T: Well wear your pullover up then
B: I can’t
T: Why
B: I didnt put me shirt on tonight.
T: You know what we need? Publicity.
B: I know. I’ll tell you what Tommy. I’ll get a big sign done if you want, and I’ll walk down on Eccles street, walk up and down, with big letters on ‘Cannon and Ball, Saturday Nights’
T: No no no, don’t be daft, it needs to be nationwide.
B: They’ll never put us on there Tommy
T: Not that nationwide. Nationwide.
Alan: Eh up, is that Bobby Ball
B: Hey Tommy, I think I’ve been recognised. He’s coming over Tommy. Give me one of your photographs I’ll give it him.
A: Eeh, I thought it were you. Bobby Ball.
B: Yes it is
A: Can you remember me? We were at school together. Eeh, and thats Tom Cannon in’t it? What are you doing now?
B: We’re a double act now
A: Oh, are you workin’ here tonight?
B: Who is it Tommy
A: D’ya remember me?
T: Do I remember you? Do I remember you?
B: Do you remember him?
T: I havent a clue.
A: I’m Alan. You know, Alan Hardacre. I used to go out with your Polly.
B: Polly doodle all the day
T: Shutup. Aw, course I recognise you now. That Alan Hardacre. Phew, I didn’t recognise you dressed up like that pal. You’re doing well for yourself aren’t you? Look at all that smart gear.
B: I like his clothes, me, Tommy
T: Where you going now
A: Oh sorry lads, I’ve got to dash. I’m off to do a session. I’m making a record.
T: Yeah?
A: I’m in a group, you know. Yeah, records, thats what you want to get into.
T: Thats it!
B: I know thats it Tommy, I’m a failure. Theres nobody recognised us.
T: It doesn’t make any difference. We can still make a record, and everybody’ll recognise us
B: You mean a proper record. Like Costello?
T: Yeah. Oh eh, I like them two
B: Who
T: Abbot and Costello
B: No, Elvis Costello
T: Oh, you mean that poor mans Buddy Holly
B: Thats him, Tommy. Eh, d’ya know I can see us, me and you Tommy, Top of the Pops Tommy, all these birds round us feet, eh. Hot Gossip, ooh. Pop stars, me and you Tommy. Punk records, blue hair, spitting on people. Great Tommy
T: Forget it, punks out. I’m into ballads. Nice lines, romance
B: You can’t spit on people when you’re being romantic Tommy
T: Tell you what I’m going to do. I’ll sort this out. I’m gonna go and see the manager first thing in the morning.
B: You’re right Tommy, I know what you mean by that.

Car Scene

Car horn sounds, car door opens and closes followed by footsteps and knock on door.
Bobby: Eeh, Ello Tommy, what a pleasant surprise
Tommy: Aw, come on will yer, I’ve been waiting ages for you out here you know
B: What for?
T: Well we’re gonna do our record
B: I’d forgot all about that. Ang on while I get my coat.
T: Right, come on then
B: ‘Ang on Tommy, won’t be a minute. Right, come on then
B: I forgot all about that
T: No wonder, still in bed
B: Sorry Tommy, I forgot all about it. I fell in this puddle now
T: Aw, get up you drip
B: I’m wet through, Tommy
T: Serves you right. Come on, just get in the car, we’ve got an appointment to keep you know
Car doors close
B: I can’t wait Tommy. Are we doin’ a punk record?
T: Yes we are. We’re doing punk, disco, country and western and ballads. We’re doing all four.
B: Are we?
T: Now I’m warning you before we get there. Dont mess it up for me
B: What do you mean?
T: Well this is my big chance.
B: OK Tommy. Slow down a bit will you, slow down.
T: Slow down? I haven’t even started yet.
B: I get worried when you’re driving.
Car engine starts and drives away
B: Slow down a bit Tommy

Police Scene

Rock on Tommy picture

Bobby: Me bottles gone
Tommy: Oh, dont worry Bobby, I’m very confident
B: You’ve always been confident haven’t you Tommy. Eh, you’re not frightened of anything you Tommy.
T: Frightened of nothing, me
B: Do the police frighten you Tommy?
T: No
B: Thats good because there’s one right behind you now.
T: Eh, well don’t worry about it Bobby, don’t worry about it. They can’t touch us. I’m only doing thirty.
Siren sounds
B: Are you. Mm mm mm mm. Someones in trouble Tommy
T: Yeah, its us Bobby
B: No, its you Tommy, You’re driving. Now pull over, pull over
T: I’m not wearing one
B: No Tommy, stop. Stop
T: Now look, whatever you do keep your mouth shut. Let me handle it.
B: Ok Tommy
Car door closes
B: You can’t touch him you know, he were only doing thirty.
Policeman: I know Sir, up a one way street.
B: He were only going one way weren’t he copper
T: I’m telling yer, please, keep quiet
P: Is this your car Sir?
B: No he’s borrowed it off Nicky Lauder
P: Lauder?
B: I said he’s borrowed it off Nicky Lauder
T: Bobby, please
P: Regular little comedian i’nt he
B: I think he’s recognised me Tommy
T: Ignore him sergeant
P: I’m a constable
T: Well I’ve just promoted you
P: Can I see your license and insurance
T: Course you can, here they are
P: Whats this 20p doing in here
B: Phew, you certainly know how to bribe ’em Tommy
P: I wish to remind you, if you wish to make a statement, anything you may say may be taken down and used against you in evidence. Goodnight sir
T and B: Goodnight Chief Constable
T: Well, he’s booked me
B: He’s done something worse than that Tommy
T: What?
B: He’s not given you your 20p back
T: Aw, forget it
B: When your head gets to a point get it loused
T: Please
B: Eh
T: Shut up Bobby, he might hear us
B: He won’t Tommy, I’ve wound the windows up. He frightens you
T: I’m not frightened of him at all
B: You are
T: I’m not. I’ve seen escape from Alcatraz four times.
Driving sound
T: Well, we’re here Bobby. Come on
B: This is it Tommy, big time. We can do it. Come on Tommy, I’m ready for spitting

Studio Reception

Rock on Tommy picture

Bobby: Rock on Tommy. Hey look. How are you Blondie
Receptionist: Hi. May I help you?
Tommy: Yes, we’re Cannon and Ball.
R: Cannon and Bell.
B: No, no Bell. Not Cannon and Bell. Ball. Cannon and Ball, We’ve come to make a record.
R: Cannon and Ball.
Paper Shuffling
R: Drury, Blockheads. Are you with the Tourists?
B: No, we live here don’t we Tommy
T: Course we do
R: Ah. Are you with the Police?
B: No, we’re with the Woolwich.
T: Please Bobby, please. Don’t mention the police any more, I’ve just had a ticket havent I?
T: No, you don’t seem to understand, you see, we’re entertainers. We’re Cannon and Ball, do’ya know what I mean? Shake a leg, braces, hand in your pocket…
B: Rock on Tommy…
T: You know.
R: Oh, Cannon and Ball
T: Right, we’ve come to make an album.
R: Oh, thats right, Its Julia you’ve come to see
B: No, you’re a bit mixed up. I think you’ve been taking something. we’ve come to see a fella.
R: Thats right, his names Julian
B: Thats it Tommy, I’ve had enough of this place already
Julian: Hello boys, hello. Oh, what a busy day its been. Now follow me, we’re in studio four. Come on guys

Studio Scene

Rock on Tommy picture

B: This is it, Tommy, we’re here. This is it, big time.
T: Look at all them instruments.
B: Its great, innit. Hey, watch we’re your putting that guitar, pal, will you.
T: Look at that trumpet
B: What crumpet?
T: No, not crumpet, trumpet.
B: Oh, trumpet. Eh, that Julians gone behind that box Tommy
T: Dont you realise I think we’re gonna do well here.
B: How do ya mean?
T: Well, I think he likes you
B: How can you tell that?
T: He’s blowing you kisses
B: Is he? Is he a poofter him Tommy?
T: Well how do I know. I’ve never met a puff have I.
B: OK Tommy, What do we…what’s he pointing at?
T: You what? He wants us to stand behind the microphones
B: Behind the microphones. Behind the microphones
T: Stand behind the microphones.
B: I cant tell a word he says me
T: Well wait a minute, no wonder with all these musicians tuning up
B: Hang on a minute, can you hand on, please please, just a minute please
B: What do ya say?
T: Behind the microphones. Behind the…
B: Right right
T: Right. Stand behind…
J: Standby, Olivers Army, take 1

(Olivers Army introduction)
B: Tommy, I’ve got to spit on this song because its punk.
T: Just behave will you
B: Alright Tommy, dont get upset
T: Hold it fellas, hold it fellas, sorry, sorry, hold it fellas
B: Do you know, I’ve been up all night with this cough
T: Listen you, why didn’t you sing?
B: Because I can’t hear the band
T: Thats because you haven’t got your headphones on
B: I’ll put ’em on now.
T: Alright. Don’t you realise this is your big chance.
B: You what?
T: This is your big chance
B: You what? I can’t hear a thing with these on.
T: Well pull em off
B: You told me to put em on
T: Bobby, get serious right. The producers watching us, you’ve got a reputation to make here
B: How d’ya mean
T: Well I’ve convinced the producer that you’re one to pull
B: Alright Julian

Olivers Army

Don’t start me talking
I could talk all night
My mind goes sleepwalking
While I’m putting the world to right
Called careers information
Have you got yourself an occupation

Oliver’s army is on their way
Oliver’s army is here to stay
And I would rather be anywhere else
Than here today

How’s he doing Julian
Ooh he likes it)

Hong Kong is up for grabs
London is full of arabas
We could be in palestine
Overrun with the chinese line
With the boys from the mersey and the thames and the tyne

But there’s no danger
It’s a professional career
Though it could be arranged
(This is it)
With just a word in Mr. Churchill’s ear
(I’m running out of breath Tommy,
Hold it fellas, hold it, I’m sorry)

B: What was that for
T: Look at that, you’ve spit all over the guitar player
B: Look at him in that box Tommy, he likes it
T: What do you mean he likes it
B: He’s waving at me
T: He’s not waving at you, he’s mad, ooh he’s coming out, now you’re in trouble
B: If he kisses me Tommy, I’m going to butt him
T: Don’t worry Bobby, he’s turned back
B: Excuse me Julian,
T: Bobby. What do you think about it yourself?
B: Well I though it were alright, I mean I was spitting well
T: Well, I know but I mean it’s not that Bobby, well I mean I don’t really know how how to say it
B: Well say it
T: Well, I know but
B: But Tommy, just say whats on your mind, I can take it
T: It was terrible
B: there’s no need to say that Tommy is there
T: I’ve just said it
B: You hate me you know
T: No I don’t
B: Yes you hate me Tommy
T: No I don’t hate you
B: No Tommy I think you hate me
T: I don’t hate you,
B: Well I hate you
T: There’s no need to say that
B: Well you said my punk was terrible
T: It was
B: Well Tommy to be honest I’m not a punk singer, I’m more a country
T: Yeah, that’s where you should be Bobby, in the country
B: No, country and western
T: Ok then, OK, you can do the country and western, but you’ve got to get the American accent
B: Listen to this. Mighty fine pardner
T: Ooh OK you’ve got it
B: OK Tommy, do Coward of the County. Julian will love this Tommy, it’s about cowboys.

Coward of the County

Now everyone considered him the coward of our county.
Now he never stood one single time to prove our county wrong.
And do you know, his mother named him Tommy
But the folks just called him yellow,
(No need for that)
But you know, something always told me that they were reading Tommy wrong.
(You could be right)

Cos you know, he was only ten years old when his daddy died in prison.
Well I looked after Tommy ’cause he was my brother’s son, if you know what I mean
(I know what you mean)
I can still recall that final words that my brother said to Tommy:
(What were they?)
“Son, my life is over, but yours has just begun.

He said
Promise me, son, not to do the things I’ve done.
Just walk away from trouble if you can.
Now it won’t mean you’re weak if you turn the other cheek.
I hope you’re old enough to understand:
Son, you don’t have to fight to be a man.”

Now, you know I’ve always said there’s someone for everyone and our Tommy’s love was a girl called Becky.
In her arms he didn’t have to prove, you know, he didn’t prove he was a man.
(He wouldn’t do)
Well one day while he was working them Gatlin boys came calling.
(Gatlin boys)
And they took turns at Becky…. you know, there were three of them!
(Three of em)

Well listen to this
(What happened)
Tommy opened up the door and he saw his Becky cryin’.
Well, the torn dress, the shattered look, it was more than he could stand.
(Is it any wonder?)
Do you know what he did?
He reached above the fireplace, he took down his daddy’s picture.
As his tears fell on his daddy’s face, I heard him say these words:
(What did he say)

He said
“Promise me, son, not to do the things I’ve done.
Walk away from trouble if you can.
Now it won’t mean you’re weak if you turn the other cheek.
I hope you’re old enough to understand:
Son, you don’t have to fight to be a man.”

Them Gatlin boys just laughed at him when he walked into that barroom.
One of them got up and met him halfway across the floor.
(That sounds like trouble)
Tommy turned around and they stood up and they said, “Look, yellow’s leaving.”
Well, you coulda heard the pin drop
He went and locked the door
(Thats trouble now)

Because you know why?
Twenty years of crawling up, they were bottled up inside him.
(Would be, would be)
You know something, he was holding nothing back; pow pow pow, he let them have it all.
(No wonder)
And when Tommy left the barroom not a Gatlin boy was standing.
(A Gatlin boy)
He said, “This one’s for Becky,” and he watched the last one fall.
(Good for him)

And I heard them words again
“I promised you, Dad, not to do the things I’ve done.
I’ll walk away from trouble when I can.
Now please don’t think I’m weak, I couldn’t turn the other cheek,
And Papa, I’m sure you understand:
Sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man.”

Now everyone considered him the coward of our county.

T: I feel like crying
B: Don’t be stupid it’s only a story
T: Well I’ll tell you this much, Julian doesn’t like it
B: Come on Tommy, look at him, he’s crying
T: Yes, because he hates it. And I’ll tell you this, you’ve ruined two songs, not one, you weren’t satisfied with one, you’ve ruined two. I’m going to do the next on on my own
B: Without me
T: Yes
B: OK big head, I’ll stand here and watch you do it then
T: No you won’t. You can sit with Julian in the control box.
B: OK Tommy I will. He doesn’t frighten me. And I hope you get it all wrong.

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

The road is long
With many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where
Who knows where
But I’m strong
Strong enough to carry him
Cos he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

So on we go
His welfare is my concern
No burden is he to bear
We’ll get there
For I know
He would not encumber me
He ain’t so heavy, cos he’s my brother.

If I’m laden at all
I’m laden with sadness
If everyone’s heart
Isn’t filled with the gladness
Of love for one another.

It’s a long, long road
From which there is no return
While we’re on the way to there
Why not share
For I know
He would not encumber me
He ain’t so heavy, cos he’s my brother.


T: What do you think
B: What do I think? I was sat in there with Julian, and I were a bit choked Tommy because you were singing that so well. You know Tommy, I sat there and it suddenly hit me Tommy, you’re too good for me
T: No
B: No Tommy, no. You are, you’re too good. I’m just a welder me Tommy really. You were fabulous Tommy, and all I can say is, go on your own Tommy, you could be a big star without me, go on your own Tommy, forget about me
T: Wait a minute, Bobby, you don’t understand
B: I just want to ask you this. When I’m dead, will you ever forget me?
T: What a stupid question that is
B: No, will you forget me?
T: I’m never ever going to forget my little pal. How will I ever forget you.
B: You’ll never forget me?
T: Never
B: Them are nice words them Tommy
T: I mean them
B: Thanks a lot Tommy
B: Go ahead on your own Tommy. You’ll never forget me?
T: Never
B: Thanks a lot Tommy
B: Ta-ra
T: I don’t know what’s happened there fellas. Sorry about that Julian.
Knock at door
T: Who’s that
B: You forgot me already
T: Bobby please, come here, I’ve got this idea
B: I’m upset Tommy really
T: No need to be upset. I’ve had a word with Julian, about the next song. It’s a disco song and you can come on it with me.
B: Honest Tommy, how do you know?
T: Look, he’s nodding
B: He’s fell off to sleep
T: No, he’s nodding in agreement, we can do a disco together.
B: Me and you, disco, together. Come on Tommy, let’s do it

Rock On Tommy

Oh, rock on Tommy
I was out on my own
Living alone
When I needed someone to brighten my life
Somebody with style
To make me good for a while
And then you came along

Well you looked so good that I can’t believe it’s true
Now I’m feeling fine cause I’m so in love…
(Rock on Tommy)
…with you

B: Get down and get with it. How am I doing Tommy
T: Fine
B: Will I make a disco singer
T: You’ll make one
B: That’ll do for me

Don’t ever go
I want you so
Your love is all that I need
Why don’t you stay
Just one more day
I’ll show you the way that I feel

Sighs in background

B: Rock on Tommy, who’s the bird


B: They’re doing it again tommy
T: Ignore it
B: I know but she’s breathing on me
T: Just forget it


B: Sighs
T: Oh stop it, Bobby, please
B: I like it

Sighs in background

I wait till the night
I turn on the light
But no-one was there to brighten my life
Living for one
Was never much fun
Until you came along

Well you looked so good that I can’t believe it’s true
Now I’m feeling fine cause I’m so in love…
(Rock on Tommy)
…with you

B: Boogaloo, Boogaloo
B: Boogaloo, Boogaloo
T: Shut up now Bobby
B: Boogaloo, Boogaloo
B: Do you think that bird fancies me, Tommy
T: Why not, you might have a chance
B: I’ll go and ask her

B: How was that, Tommy
T: You were marvellous, marvellous. You can do the next song with me.
B: What do you mean?
T: It’s about you and me
B: Is it?
T: Yes, listen to this

Me And My Shadow

Like the wallpaper sticks to the wall
Like the seashore clings to the sea
Like you’ll never get rid of your shadow
Tommy, you’ll never never get rid of me

Let all the others fight and fuss
Whatever happens, we’ve got us.

Me and my shadow….
We’re closer than pages that stick in a book
We’re closer than ripples that play in a brook
Strolling down the avenue….
Wherever you find him, you’ll find me, just look
Closer than a miser or the bloodhounds to Liza
Me and my shadow….
We’re closer than fog when it clings to UK
We’re closer than others, whatever they say

Not a soul can bust this team in two
We stick together like glue

And when it’s sleeping time
That’s when we rise
We start to swing
Swing to the skies
Our clocks don’t chime
What a surprise
They ring-a-ding-ding!
Both Happy new year!

Me and my shadow ….
And now to repeat what I said at the start
They’ll need a large crowbar to break us apart
We’re alone but far from blue

Before we are finished, we’ll make the place roar
We’ll play all the late spots, and then a few more
We’ll wind up together right after the show
Life is gonna be we-wow-whee!
For my shadow and me!

B: That were great that, Tommy can we do it again

Before we are finished, to mention a few
We’ll call in the Angel, the little club too
We’ll wind up laughing, whatever we do
Life is gonna be we-wow-whee!
For my shadow and me!

Pictures from the back of the album sleeve.

Rock on Tommy picture Rock on Tommy picture Rock on Tommy picture Rock on Tommy picture