Cannon and Ball have featured in a number of adverts for Safestyle windows from around  2005 onwards. These often finished with Bobby’s catchphrase “Pick up the piggin’ phone.”

Screenshots from six different Safestyle adverts are below.

Bobby: If you buy new windows and doors

Tommy: Or you’re thinking about buying new windows and doors

Bobby: Even if you’re not thinking about buying new windows or doors called 0800 106107

Tommy: Because at Safestyle UK, you can pay for the front and you get the back free.

Bobby: Plus there’s flexible monthly payments to suit everybody’s pocket.

Tommy: At Safestyle UK they’ll beat any genuine like for like quote.

Bobby: You could even buy now pay next year. That’s not next week, not next month.

Tommy: So for your free quotation call 0800 106107

Bobby: Call 0800 106107. Pick up the pigging phone. I’m getting a headache now.

Tommy: You will have in a minute.

Bobby: Half a billion quid, Tommy, half a billion quid.

Tommy: Now what?

Bobby: Safestyle UK have fitted over half a billion quids worth of windows and doors.

Tommy: I know, Bobby. If you’re going to give everyone 55% off all windows and doors free fitting, flexible monthly payments and beat any genuine like for like quote, not to mention help save on heating bills, it’s no wonder people choose Safestyle UK.

Bobby: Half a billion quid, Tommy.

Tommy: Be quiet. For your free  quotation, call Safestyle UK on 0800 106 107.

Bobby: Phone now.  Half a billion quid.

Bobby: Tommy, what the heck’s going on here?

Tommy: We’re having new windows and doors fitted

Bobby: Why?

Tommy: Remember our nightmare heating bills?

Bobby: Won’t this cost a fortune

Tommy: Not with Safestyle UK. You get 55% off.

Bobby: How are we going to pay for it?

Tommy: You can buy now and pay later. Plus there’s high security and energy saving glass and that will help cut our heating bill.

Bobby: So I don’t have to raid my piggy?

Tommy: No. Just get your free quote today at or call 0800 106 107 now.

Bobby: Pick up the pigging phone.

Bobby: I can’t find them anywhere

Audience: Behind you

Bobby: Shut up, I’m getting a headache here

Tommy: Calm down, Safestyle UK are doing a massive 60% off all windows and doors

Bobby: They can’t do that

Tommy: Oh yes they can. They want something for the fitter to do in January.

Bobby: you what?

Tommy: Yes, and if you order now and have them fitted in January you get 60% off

Safestyle man: Plus interest free credit is also available

Bobby: Disappear you

Tommy: Plus they’ll beat any genuine like for like quote

Bobby: Call 0800 106 107

Safestyle man: He said 0800 106 107 now

Tommy and Bobby: Shut it, you

Bobby: Pick up the pigging phone.

Safestyle man: You buy one, you get one free.

Bobby: I can’t stand him. He’s getting on my pigging nerves, him.

Safestyle man: You but one you get one free offer

For every window or door that you buy, Safestyle UK will give you another absolutely free.

Bobby: But I know something better

Tommy: What possibly could be better than buy one, get one free, free fitting, free K glass and flexible monthly payments.

Bobby: Not having to listen to that idiot next door.

Tommy: I can’t believe it, Bobby, how good is that? Call 0800 106107

Bobby: That’s 0800 106107. Do it now.

Bobby: Tommy. Tommy, what’s the heck’s going on here?

Tommy: We’re having new Windows and doors fitted.

Bobby: You what? It’s gonna cost a pigging fortune this lot.

Tommy: With Safestyle UK we get to choose which offer saves us the most money, either 55% off the whole lot or we buy the windows and doors from the front of the house and get the back ones free.

Bobby: And how are we going to pay?

Tommy: There’s flexible monthly payments to suit everyone. You can even buy now and pay next year. And they’ll even fit them free for you.

Bobby: So I won’t have to raid my piggies.

Tommy: Call  0800 106107

Bobby: Pick up the pigging phone

Tommy: That’s 0800 106107 now.