Star Treatment

Cannon and Ball appeared on this Southern TV programme which took up-and-coming entertainers and gave their own episode to showcase their talents. They were shown on 5th February 1979; the episode has been repeated in recent years on the Talking Pictures channel. 

The episode started with a short introduction with Bobby finding Tommy in the studio. 

Bobby: Ooh there he is. There’s our Tommy. Tom Cannon. 37 next week. The pride of Oldham. By heck, he’s looking a bit nervous.
Tommy: I wonder where Bobby is. What a pair of names. Robert Ball and Tom Cannon. Cannon and Ball. Nobody’s going to believe that.
Bobby: Ooh our Tommy’s a good looking lad, isn’t he. He’s full of natural talent. But I think I’d better go and calm him down.
Tommy: If Bobby doesn’t show up I think everything’s going to be alright.
Bobby: How are you, Tommy?
Tommy: Oh heck.

The act continued with stand up and songs, including a costumed version of Chanson D’Amour, and ended with He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother. The show also featured Bobby wearing blue braces, rather than the red that he would be known for later on.