Summer 2001 – Haven




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From the Haven 2001 brochure.

Dates and locations

Mondays 28th May, 18th June, 9th July, 30th July, 20th August Perran Sands
Tuesdays 29th May, 19th June, 10th July, 31st July, 21st August Devon Cliffs
Wednesdays 30th May, 20th June, 11th July, 1st August, 22nd August Littlesea
Thursdays 31st May, 21st June, 12th July, 2nd August, 23rd August Combe Haven
Sundays 3rd June, 24th June, 15th July, 5th August, 26th August Craig Tara
Tuesdays 5th June, 26th June, 17th July, 7th August, 28th August Golden Sands
Wednesdays 6th June, 27th June, 18th July, 8th August, 29th August Seashore
Thursdays 7th June, 28th June, 19th July, 9th August, 30th August Caister
Mondays 11th June, 2nd July, 23rd July, 13th August, 3rd September Presthaven Sands
Tuesdays 12th June, 3rd July, 24th July, 14th August, 4th September Hafan Y Mor
Wednesdays 13th June, 4th July, 25th July, 15th August, 5th September Blue Dolphin
Thursdays 14th June, 5th July, 26th July, 16th August, 6th September Primrose Valley