Summertime Special

Summertime Special screenshot

Cannon and Ball appeared on this summer show in 1988. 

Their segment was a short bit of stand-up to start with, then a sketch with Lulu, followed by their own rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings. 

The sketch with Lulu was a re-creation of the sketch they had originally performed with Iris Williams in Series 4 of The Cannon and Ball show, where they push each other off a wall while singing. 

Roy Walker: Ohh, welcome back to part 3, ladies and gentlemen, star time. Top of the bill time. The three most exciting words in show business today, Cannon and Ball.

Tommy:  Thank you. Thank you.

Bobby: Come on!

Tommy: Thank you. Hello everybody.

Bobby: I’m excited. I’m really excited.

Tommy: Don’t spoil it for me tonight.

Bobby: What’s up?

Tommy: Tonight. Tonight I’m in love.

Bobby: Why didn’t you tell me before?

Tommy: Not with you, shut up, not with you.

Bobby: Who with?

Tommy: This lovely lady sat on the front row here

Bobby: Are you, Tommy? You’re joking.

Tommy: Oh no, I’m not joking.

Bobby: Are you pulling her?

Tommy: No, I’m not pulling her.

Bobby: Go on, pull it Tommy

Tommy: No I am not

Bobby: Go on, pull it (Crouching and speaking to lady in audience) Hey, I think he’s trying to pull you.

Tommy: I’m not

Bobby: He is, he’s pulling you

Tommy: Shut up

Bobby: You stupid person! You nearly knocked me off the piggin’ stage then.

Tommy: I’m trying to talk to this lady aren’t I? You’re butting in. You shut your mouth.

Bobby: It’s a free country

Tommy: Never mind what it is.

Bobby: Well, I can speak if I want.

Tommy: I’m not saying you can’t speak. Don’t do it while I’m speaking, right.

Bobby: It’s a free country.

Tommy: I know it is

Bobby: It’s a free country.

Tommy: Be quiet. (To audience member) Darling, I’m awfully sorry but may I say it’s a lovely hairdo. Have you had your hair done?

Bobby: Or have you come on a motorbike?

Tommy: Now you’ve…

Bobby: I didn’t mean it

Tommy: Forget it

Bobby: It were a joke

Tommy: No, no, that’s not nice

Bobby: But wait a minute, Tom. No, I wanna… what’s with all the… (gestures at Toms suit)? Very very nice, very very nice.

Tommy: The gear. I’ll tell you what’s with it shall I? Tonight I’m going to do something different.

Bobby: Are you? What you doing? What we doing?

Tommy: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Lulu.

(Lulu enters)

Bobby: What are you doing?

Tommy: We’re going to do a duet.

Bobby: A duet. Great. Well, there’s three of us. Get off (pushes Lulu away)

Tommy: No, no, no. You’re the one what’s going

Bobby: No, no

Tommy: I said this, I’m sorry

Bobby: No, I’ve just come on

Tommy: No, no, this this is my new partner. You’re going.

Bobby: Your new partner. So I’ve finished.

Tommy: You’re done

Bobby: Thanks, Tom.

Tommy: You’re welcome.

Bobby: After all these years. I’ll not forget this, Lulu. You’ve stabbed me in the back. Just remember this Tommy.

Tommy: Yes

Bobby: He who laughs laughs…. (To audience) Shut up, shut up… He who laughs last gathers no moss.

Sings: Yours till the stars lose their glory, yours till the birds fail to sing.

(The sketch continued throughout the song)

Bobby: Ladies and gentlemen, Lulu. (To Tommy) Not you.

Tommy: Thank you. Thank you. Now ladies and gentlemen we would like to sing for you our latest single.

Bobby: Oh yes. Our latest single and it’s got to number 345 in the charts and rising.

Tommy: Ladies and gentlemen, the song is called wind beneath my wings.

(they sing Wind Beneath my Wings)