The Best of Cannon and Ball 1985

Aired Sunday 7th April 1985. 75 minutes. 
Repeated on ITV3, 7pm on Sunday 15th November 2020, following Bobby Balls death. 


Welcome, where they discuss which sketch to start with

Aeroplane sketch

From series 6 episode 1

Tommys new flat

From series 6 episode 5


Bobbys new nose.

From series 6 episode 6


Jimmy Tarbuck golf sketch.

From series 6 episode 6. 


Tommy sings Send in the Clowns

From series 5 episode 4.


Old McDonald

From series 5 episode 4

Status Quo sketch and song – Margarita Time

From series 5 episode 2

Bobby the barman

From series 5 episode 2

West Side Story

From series 6 episode 4

Darts sketch with Jocky Wilson

From series 5 episode 3


Bobby has cancelled the pickpocket

From series 5 episode 1

Rik Mayall manning an information office

From series 6 episode 4

Jazz improvisation

From series 6 episode 3

Song – To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before

From series 6 episode 3



Starred Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball
With special guest stars

Rik Mayall
Status Quo
Jimmy Tarbuck


Suzanne Dando
Fred Evans
Jocky Wilson

Written by Sid Green
with Geoffrey Atkinson
Bobby Ball
Tommy Cannon
Rob Grant
Doug Naylor
Musical Director Alyn Ainsworth
Music Associate Trevor Brown
Choreography Brian Rogers
Senior Cameraman Dave Taylor
Vision Controller Frank Parker
Videotape Editor Dave Simpson
Vision Mixer Barbara Hicks
Floor Manager John West
Stage Manager Peter Tyrrell
Costume Design Frances Tempest
Make Up Sandy MacFarlane
Graphic Design Al Horton
Casting Director Nikki Finch
Production Manager Roger Allsopp
Production Assistant Julia Weedon
Sound Graham Thor Straten
Lighting Director Teddy Fader
Designer James Dillon
Directed by Paul Jackson
Terry Kinane
Produced by Paul Jackson