The Cannon and Ball Show – Series 8

The Cannon and Ball Show

Two series of the Cannon and Ball show (the seventh and eighth) were staged in a sitcom style, with the duo sharing a Park Lane flat.

Series 8

Prisoners in Park Lane

10th Jan 1987
Tommy and Bobby need to find a new flat. They are show round Paradise Mansions in Soho, then look round a flat in Park Lane. The Park Lane flat has a security lock on the door so you need the key to open it. The estate agent pops out, and the door locks behind him. Tommy and Bobby are trapped in the flat.
Eventually they escape and decide to buy the flat. While waiting for the guests at their housewarming party to arrive they realise they have lost the key again.

Anything But The Truth

Picture 17th Jan 1987
Bobby is a a party and gets photographed with the winner of the Dolly Parton lookalike contest. Back in the flat the following morning they open their mail and Bobby has got another batch of mail from an obsessed fan.
Later in the day a journalist from the Sunday papers, who always wants to dish the dirt on the pair, is coming to interview them. However, the obsessed fan turns up and they let her in thinking she is the reporter. When the reporter comest they have to hide the obsessed fan somewhere, and she goes into Bobbys bedroom. Of cource, she bumps into the reporter later. The reporter also has a copy of the Dolly Parton photo.
At the end, Bobby has the Dolly Parton lookalike hidden in his wardrobe.

Slightly Overweight

24th Jan 1987
Tommy and Bobby are guests on the Gloria Hunnyford show. Tommy keeps making jokes about Bobbys waistline. As a result Bobby decides to go on a diet, with Tommy enforcing it.
Bobby isnt too keen on eating less, and keeps hiding food around the house. Everything reminds him of food; they even have to rehearse ‘Food, Glorious Food’ for their TV show.
The following Sunday they are invited back onto the Gloria Hunnyford show. Bobby is introduced as the short fat one but comes on singing ‘I am what I am’, obviously proud of his weight.

Straight Down The Middle

Picture 31st Jan 1987
Bobby is becoming a TV addict and just sits around. Tommy tries to persuade him to take up a more active lifestyle. They go running, use a rowing machine, play golf (in which Bobby gets a hole in one and has to buy a round of drinks) and eventually settle for subbuteo.

Aunty Lilly

7th Feb 1987
Bobbys Auntie Lily is coming to visit. She’s always a pain when she visits. She is a terrible cook and insists on making cottage pie for them. She also tucks Bobby into bed at night.
Tommy and Bobby aren’t very nice to her, and she eventually senses this and gets quite upset. They make it all up in the end.

It’s Only Money

Picture 14th Feb 1987
Bobby keeps spending money on gadgets and expensive toys. He has the piano converted so it plays itself, and buys scuba diving gear. He then buys a motorbike and all the gear.
Bobby is a terrible driver, and swerves through a motorcycle gang while out driving. They meet Bobby and Tommy later, and get talking. Eventually Bobby invites them back to his house and tells them they can spend the night. They steal all his gadgets overnight.