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Russell’s star verdict on dream jobs for the boys

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TV Times pictureWhat would Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball, who return for a new series on ITV this week, have done for a living had they not turned to comedy – apart from their own jobs as welders? Tommy would have liked to have been a snooker star, while Bobby had always fancied himself as a rock singer. Here, TV Times astrologer Russell Grant analyses whether the pair could have realised their boyhood ambitions.

Tommy Cannon

Born 27 June 1938, Oldham, Lancashire. Sun sign Cancer

Tommy can’t trace his time of birth. The lack of a birth time makes it more difficult for an astrologer to be as accurate as he would wish, so I’ve prepared his solar chart which shows the moon was in one of two signs. Before lunch on that day nearly 48 years ago, the moon was in gregarious Gemini; afterwards she slipped into caring Cancer, which is Tommy’s sun sign anyway.

I believe he arrived when the moon was in Gemini; he has the slender build of a Gemini and appears a super-smoothie in his snooker gear. The Gemini Moon would also make him very dextrous and agile – all the qualities you need to be a perfect potter or putter since, apart from snooker, he would be adept at most games or pastimes requiring a sharp eye and steady hand.

The rest of his solar chart shows a wide angle between the Sun and Mars. This gives him an Aries quality and makes him much more forthright and frank than the average Cancerian, but still endows him with many Cancerian qualities that are simply expressed in a much more fiery and competitive way.

Fascinating to note that while Bobby’s chart shows a Mars/Uranus conjunction, which means working with fire or in an industrial/mechanical environment, Tommy complements this with a steely Sun/Mars/Mercury conjunction; and Cannon and Ball’s day job together, before showbusiness fame struck, was as welders.

Venus is quite at home in luxury-loving Leo, which can point the way to a great flirt and flatterer, so Tommy probably gives out as much of this as he receives! The Venus and Jupiter placements show that he could also have made his mark as a singer in the Sinatra mould.

Venus in Leo is the perfect planetary placing for someone who works in cabaret and clubs: there is a certain sophisticated ambience that Venus lends herself to in stylish Leo. Other possible professions could be catering – if not doing the cooking himself, then enjoying food that other people create to his liking. The way to a Cancerians heart is through his stomach.

The rest of the solar chart points to any vocation bringing entertainment or recreation to others. Perhaps he’ll end up owning a night club or organising his own golfing or snooker competition – Tommy has all the makings of a rich, popular and successful entrepreneur.

Bobby Ball

Born 28 January 1944, Oldham, Lancashire. Sun sign Aquarius.

Bobby’s Mum can only come up with a time of birth between 9am and noon. I can only cast a full natal chart if the birth time is correct, so I’ve prepared a solar chart which shows the position of the planets as they were at noon. Unfortunately, the career and job is determined by much more precise measurements within the more accurate birth chart. However, here goes with a glimpse into Bobby Ball’s solar chart.

Being a Sun sign Aquarian, Bobby has a love of the unorthodox and unusual. If life gets dull, most Aquarians try to find fresher challenges and adventures, so a career that encompasses unpredicability and surprise is a must. But it doesn’t end there with Bobby, for his chart is full of Gemini planets that make him more restless for change and variety than the average Aquarian. The combination of inflammable Mars with high-tech Uranus makes him a natural for television of any other modern career that requires a dynamic and charismatic approach.

Personal magnetism is something Bobby has coming out of his ears, so whatever he does he would attract a following. Being a rock ‘n’ roll singer is something he could carry off with eyecatching panache.

Bobby’s Moon is in Pisces, the sign of glamour and fantasy, so there is a need for twinkling lights and a dash of the unworldly. It’s more than likely he would have made a visionary astrologer – even a great mystic, had he fancied it.

With such a watery placing for the Moon, he would also be at home by rivers, lakes or seas. There’s a tranquil side to his nature, which means a need for times of solitude and serenity.

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