TV Times 5th December 1987

TV Times cover

A somewhat surreal article where celebrities were dressed up as their heroes.

Hero Worshippers – Fantasy Worlds of the Stars

TV Times cover

Bobby Ball on Charlie Chaplin

“I happen to think Charlie Chaplin was a brilliant man,” says Bobby Ball. “He didn’t just do comedy, he did pathos. He showed every emotion there was in his work. For me, he was the people’s comic. We all felt sorry for him. He was a little man, but he’s my hero. When Tommy and I first started our careers we were singers, but as we went more into comedy, I know I was influenced, subconsciously, by Charlie Chaplin – and I’m always getting bashed as well!

Chaplin was a master of comedy because he understood that it’s not just about getting a laugh. He told a story and he lived the character. There are very few people that combine all those qualities – and that’s what make them heroes!!TV Times cover

Tommy Cannon on Errol Flynn

“In Captain Blood and all those action films, Errol Flynn was a real swashbuckler. I see myself as a swashbuckler and it suits me, don’t you think?” says Tommy Cannon.

“Flynn, Gable, Cary Grant and Bogart were real men and I don’t think they make them like that any more. That may be what’s wrong today – there are no heroes! Well, I’m going to start a trend to bring back the real man. I’ve always played the macho image, knocking Bobby about, but really I’m the exact opposite, and looking like Errol Flynn brings out the real me. I love sending ladies flowers and chocolates and I sing to them, all the time. Are there any ladies out there who’d like me to step in and save them?”