Last Laugh in Vegas

Last Laugh in Vegas took nine British celebrities to put on a one-night-only show in Las Vegas. The series was filmed as a fly-on-the-wall documentary of them sharing a villa, taking trips out and preparing for the show.

The series of five shows was filmed in October 2017 and aired on ITV in April 2018. The first four episodes aired on ITV1, the final episode – extended highlights of the live show – aired on ITV3 immediately after the fourth episode finished.

Celebrities featured in the show were: Cannon and Ball, Su Pollard, Bobby Crush, Bernie Clifton, Mick Miller, Kenny Lynch, Jess Conrad and Anita Harris.

Press Release

Showbiz legends prepare for the gig of a lifetime in Las Vegas

What happens when a group of British showbiz legends are let loose in Sin City?

ITV is about to find out in a brand new five-part series for 2018 called Last Laugh In Vegas.

Some of the most famous names from comedy, music and variety from the 60s, 70s and 80s are to be given one last shot at putting on their dream gig in the variety capital of the world.  The theatre is booked for one night only and eight acts will be given the chance to fulfil the dream they thought had long gone and put on a spectacular variety performance at one of the iconic venues in Las Vegas.

Cameras will follow these showbiz legends from their departure from their homes in the UK to the moment they step onto the stage in Vegas.  They’ll live in a house together, enjoy and explore the Vegas Strip and rehearse and reminisce together to deliver a show that they’ll all be proud of.

Viewers will also be treated to a unique insight into the legends’ vast and varied careers as they look back and talk firsthand about their incredible stories.

The culmination will be an hour long special of their variety performance in Vegas.

ITV’s Head Of Entertainment Commissioning Siobhan Greene said: “Last Laugh In Vegas is the chance for the audience to reconnect with true iconic entertainers, as they get the trip of a lifetime to perform in the show business capital of the world. You won’t believe the names we got, and I am so happy that they, and the audience, will get to see them living their dream.”

Shiver’s Executive Producer Sally Evans said: “Working with our showbiz heroes and giving them the chance to go on a journey that genuinely means so much to each of them is such an exciting proposition.  The entertainment community of Vegas won’t know what’s hit them!”

The five-part series was commissioned for ITV by Head of Entertainment Commissioning Siobhan Greene and Entertainment commissioner Joe Mace.

It will be made for ITV Studios’ factual entertainment arm Shiver, executive produced by Sally Evans, Mark Robinson and John Kaye Cooper, series produced by Stuart Ramsay and series directed by Iain Thompson.

Episode 1

The episode opens with Bobby Ball at home receiving a call from his agent to say him and Tommy are going to Vegas.

The celebrities meet in Wigan, where they first meet the shows producer, Frank Marino.

They fly to Vegas and travel to their villa – there is some disagreement over room allocations.

The next day they begin rehearsals.

The episode ends with them each viewing footage of their early days in showbusiness.

Episode 2

The day starts with Bobby phoning Yvonne, and group aerobics outside.

They meet choreographer Nick Foote.

Bobby Crush goes out and is given the opportunity to play on Liberace’s piano.

Tommy, Bobby and Mick Miller begin rehearsals for a new ‘Elvis Impersonator’ sketch they are to perform together.

Later they visit Frankie Scinta, a Vegas comedian.

Meanwhile the singers continue to rehearse and Frank Marino visits to see how preparations are going.

Episode 3

The show starts with rehearsals on stage at The Orleans showroom.

Kenny, Bobby Crush, Su, Bernie, Bobby Ball visit a cattle ranch.

Mick goes to club with Frankie Schinta to test material

Goat yoga session with their fitness instructor

Cannon and Ball, Bobby Crush and Su Pollard go to see one of Frankies shows

Su, Kenny, Bobby C and Jess, go to Vegas Strip on eye ride

Episode 4

The episode starts with a cocktail party at Frank Marino’s house.

Then comes the news of a mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay country music festival on the Las Vegas strip. For a time it is uncertain whether their show will go ahead.

On the eve of the show they receive video messages from friends and family at home

There is a short section about the dress rehearsal – which goes badly. And then Frank introduces the show itself.

The episode ends with them discussing the show and their time in Vegas.

Episode 5

Pictures of the final episode are on a separate page.