Appeared on the daytime chat show 28th March 2018 to talk about Last Laugh in Vegas.

Lorraine: Cannon and Ball. They’re heading to Vegas, five decades after they first started working together.

(Clips from TV show)

Lorraine: Cannon and Ball are here. You’re so silly. I love it. There’s not enough silliness in the world. We need more, so it’s great to see you. Now, look off to Vegas, this is such a brilliant idea. It’s taking people like yourselves, it sounds a fantastic cast, and giving them the opportunity to play Vegas. Cause did you never play Vegas back…?

Bobby: We’ve never done Vegas. We’ve done America, but we’ve never done Vegas. So it was fantastic. It was brilliant.

Lorraine: Was it really good?

Tommy: Oh, I’ll say. What an experience.

Lorraine: And did you stay with all the rest of the guys that were in it?

Tommy: Yeah, all stayed in one beautiful house.

Lorraine: Who was the worst behaved of all of you?

Bobby: Tommy

Tommy: Him

Lorraine:  I thought you were gonna say Sue Pollard

Tommy: Sue’s lovely. Heart of gold, Sue. It was great.

Bobby: There you go.

Lorraine: There’s Anita Harris who looks ridiculously young. So you loved it?

Tommy: Fantastic. Yeah, we loved every minute of it.

Lorraine: So the Americans, how did it go down? All the Brits over there, did they get you?

Tommy: They did, actually, yeah. When we sort of did the, what we call the variety parts of it, they paid us a great compliment the band, all the band were American guys, and when we’d finished, they were having a drink in the bar and they all said you guys are just like The Smothers Brothers. Well, The Smothers Brothers were like incredible…

Lorraine: Ohh praise indeed, praise indeed

Bobby: And I said, Tom, I said who?

Lorraine: Before your time was it?

Bobby: Yeah, right, before my time.

Lorraine: Wasn’t it? You obviously wouldn’t really remember them, you’re only a baby.

Bobby: I mean, we’ve been together, we’ve been together me and Tom for 54 years.

Lorraine: Is it 54 years? Seriously.

Bobby: Yeah, yeah. But I’m not the original Bobby. I’m too young.

Tommy: I’ve had six – six Bobby’s.

Lorraine: Thanks, they just keep coming. That’s hilarious… But the two of you, such a long time together? You had a wee tiny time when you were not together. There was a couple of years where you got fed up with one another and then it was all right again. Do you think that break was a good thing?

Bobby: Although we stayed together

Tommy: We stayed together. I don’t know. I think in them days as well, you know, it was a strange time. We had entourages of people around us, driving us here, putting us there. You’re right, go to your room, we’ll sign the hotel thing. It was a bit strange cause we’d never had that in our lives, you know. And so it was, it was a strange time.

Lorraine: I think unless, and you two are very, very grounded, but that sort of treatment and 20 million people watching you on TV. I mean, Can you imagine?

Bobby: And then we just sat down and said this is daft. So that’s it. We got rid of everything.

Lorraine: And it was just the two of you. That’s probably best.

Tommy: Yeah it was

Lorraine: It makes it less complicated, and then that means that you’ve got control.

Tommy: Yeah, of course you have.

Lorraine: Which is what you want.

Bobby: Which is fantastic, but Tom is a bit boring, but I’ve had to put up with that but I look…

Tommy: What do you mean by that?

Bobby: Beautiful.

Tommy: Oh, thank you.

Lorraine: You’re like a married couple I love it

Tommy: We are

Lorraine: It really is. But you’ve seen things changing so much but funny is funny. You know what I mean? It doesn’t matter, you know, funny is funny.

Both: Oh yeah, yeah.

Bobby: Funny is funny. I mean Peter Kay today and Lee Evans, they’re very funny people.

Tommy: Yeah, great.

Lorraine: And you’re enjoying, you enjoyed being back together in Vegas and just doing that, that’s gotta be the highlight

Tommy: Vegas was just an unbelievable place. I went to Vegas years ago and saw Frank Sinatra there, which was good, which was brilliant. But the thing was we went back again this time and it’s completely changed. I mean the place is buzzing, you know, it’s an incredible place it really is.

Bobby: They took us to a place called Heart Attack Grill.

Lorraine: Heart attack grill?

Bobby: Yes, they give you these beef burgers and there were two options. And if you didn’t eat the beef burgers, there were two things. You had to get up and sing in front the restaurant or get spanked.

Lorraine: OK.

Tommy: Not a joke.

Bobby: Not a joke. Seriously,  no serious.

Lorraine: Really

Bobby: I got up and sang. Tommy got spanked. Am I telling the truth or not?

Tommy: Yes, you’re telling the truth. It was painful. It was painful.

Lorraine: I’ve never in America been able to finish a meal and I like my grub, because it’s just like (makes mound shape with hand) Desperate Dan

Both: Yeah, it is. Yeah, it is. Yeah.

Lorraine: And look, we’re gonna see you in Benidorm, aren’t we?

Bobby: Yes, doing a little bit in Benidorm. Yeah, yeah.

Lorraine: Fantastic. Looking forward to that. We love Benidorm.

Bobby: And we’re just doing a play.

Tommy: Ohh yeah, we are aren’t we

Bobby: A play that I wrote. We’re starting touring it in April.

Lorraine: So the R word is never going to happen. Retirement.

Both: No

Tommy: That doesn’t come to your head.

Lorraine: I just don’t think it will with you two, you’re proper troopers.

Both: Yeah, we are. We are

Lorraine: So we can see this next Tuesday on ITV 9:00, and we’ll see it. I think it’s gonna be amazing. I think it’s gonna be so interesting and it’s all people that, you know, I’ve grown up with you guys. I’ve grown up watching all of you so it would just be great to see you there.

Both: Lovely. Thanks Lorraine.

Lorraine: Thank you. Thanks. Please keep being silly.

Tommy: Yes, we will.

Lorraine: Because we love it, we love silliness. Thank you both so much, great to see you.

Both: Thank you.