Mr H Is Late

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The 1988 TV show Mr H is Late was released by Thames on the ‘Silent Comedy Classics’ compilation video in 1991. 

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Eric Sykes Silent Comedy Classics

4 comedy classics starring – Eric Sykes

The Plank
A classic ‘silent’ comedy starring ERIC SYKES and ARTHUR LOWE as two builders who find they are missing a floorboard. Untold confusion and mayhem follows as they travel across town with a replacement.

Rhubarb Rhubarb
ERIC SYKES is The Police Inspector whose passion in life is golf and trys to win no matter how. Featuring JIMMY EDWARDS, BOB TODD, CHARLIE DRAKE, HATTIE JACQUES and BERYL REID.

It’s Your Move
RICHARD BRIERS and SYLVIA SIMS are a young married couple moving into their new house. When the removal men are SYKES, COOPER and Company, not just the house, but the whole street is in absolute chaos!

Mr. H is Late
Pallbearers have to collect a coffin from the 26th floor of a block of flats and deliver it to the church…The star-studded cast includes JOHN ALDERTON, BOBBY BALL, TOMMY CANNON, NORMAN COLLIER, SPIKE MILLIGAN, TERRY SCOTT, MIKE YARWOOD and more.

Running time 107 minutes approx.



Other video and DVD releases

The programme has been released on a number of other compilation videos and DVDs

Mr H DVD cover  Mr H DVD cover   Mr H DVD cover
 DVD released 2002 by Clear Vision.

 DVD released 2006 by Clear Vision.

 VHS video released 1991 by Pegasus. Code PEG1007