Juniper Jungle Video

'Juniper Jungle' cover

VHS Video. PV2603 (Carlton Home Entertainment). Released 1st Aug 1994, 40 minutes.

Video of four episodes from the animated TV series, based on the books by Bobby.

'Juniper Jungle' coverJuniper Jungle lies through the middle of Dreamland where the rainbow never ends, trees grow toffees, animals can talk and all children are welcome.

Follow the adventures of Mayor Piff-Paff the Puffin, Postman Toby the Turtle, Trevor the Tiger, Bertie Ball and the other weird and wonderful residents of Juniper Village, as they wage a constant battle against the fiendish Miserable Mattress and his gand from Swampland.

Stories included in this video are:
The Great Bun Bank Robbery
The Great Car Race
Happy Ever After
Surf’s Up!

From an original idea by Bobby Ball and Mike Barron
Written by Chris Trengove
Music by Paul Joyce
Directed by Alastair McIlwain
Produced by Paul Whibley at Signal Vision